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Samsung Galaxy Repair


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Your Trusted Resource for Samsung Repair

From texting to sending emails, you rely on your smartphone for a variety of personal and professional tasks throughout the day. As hard as you try to protect your investment, accidents happen. Fortunately, the tech experts at Batteries Plus specialize in performing comprehensive Samsung phone repairs. You can count on us for super-fast Samsung screen replacements, Samsung battery replacements and more no matter where you purchased your phone.

Why Have Your Repair Done at Batteries Plus?

With professional Samsung phone repair services available at over 730 Batteries Plus stores nationwide, we can get your device repaired for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one. When you entrust us for your Samsung screen replacement, Samsung battery replacement or other repair, you can expect to benefit from:

  • Free Diagnostics - When you bring your Samsung device in, you can trust us to only recommend repairs you actually need. Our trained technicians will perform a complete diagnostics check and recommend the appropriate Samsung phone repairs you need. After work is completed, we'll check your phone again to make sure it's working properly.
  • Nationwide Warranty - We guarantee the quality of our work by backing it with a nationwide warranty. Our warranties cover parts and workmanship for six months.
  • Fast Turnarounds and Convenient Locations - We understand how frustrating it can be to live without your phone while it's being repaired. That's why we have expert technicians in all of our locations nationwide. We strive for quick turnarounds, and we're right in your neighborhood. You don't even need to schedule an appointment. Simply bring your device in, and we'll begin the repair process as soon as possible.
  • Reliable Samsung Phone Repair Services - Whether you're dealing with a shattered screen, issues with your battery, charge port, a faulty camera or a broken back glass, we've got you covered. Our knowledgeable Samsung phone repair experts have experience fixing all models of Samsung smartphones, including popular S8, S9, S10 and Galaxy Note models.

Common Samsung Phone Repair Services

Batteries Plus offers a wide array of Samsung phone repairs. Here are some of the most common issues we deal with:

  • Cracked Screens - It's easy to accidentally drop or step on your phone. If your screen becomes damaged or cracked, our technicians specialize in Samsung screen replacements.
  • Bad Batteries - If your phone isn't getting a full charge, it might be time to schedule a Samsung battery replacement. We have the tools and the training necessary to keep your device operating at full capacity.
  • Charging Port Damage - Sometimes, the need for plugging in your device on a regular basis to keep it fully charged can create port damage. If your USB or charging port isn't working well, we understand how to get it functioning properly again.

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Whether you're dealing with water damage, a faulty battery, or another problem, We Fix It can help. We specialize in performing comprehensive Samsung repairs, so the moment you encounter a problem, bring your Samsung in – no appointment necessary. We Fix It is located inside your neighborhood Batteries Pluss Store. Find Samsung repair services at a location near you today.

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