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Key Fob Batteries

Find the Key Fob or Keyless Remote Battery That's Right for Your Vehicle

Open your fob or remote and check the number on the battery. Then, see below to find its match. Or, stop in and one of our experts will swap out your battery for you. Easy.

When Does Your Key Fob Battery Need Replacing?

Modern key fob batteries should last for between three and five years, but they'll start to get weaker as they age. You might find you can't unlock your car unless you're right next to it or the fob doesn't work when other vehicles, walls or other obstructions surround your car.

Most car key fob batteries aren't rechargeable, so once they lose their charge they need to be replaced.

How to Replace Your Key Fob Battery

Car key fob batteries come in several formats, each with a format number. The most common types are labeled CR2025 or CR2032, but your car manual will tell you exactly which type you need.

Replacing the battery is straightforward, needing only a few minutes with a screwdriver. But if you don't want to take any chances, our single and lifetime battery replacement services available in-store will take away the guesswork, with no appointment needed.

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