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Car and Truck Light Bulbs - Popular Brands

If you spend a lot of time driving at night or during other potentially hazardous situations, you know the value of a properly working headlight. There are many different types of light bulbs you need to maintain for your vehicle, from the ever-important headlights, taillights, and brake lights to the convenient overhead lights and more. No matter what bulbs your car or truck needs, Batteries Plus Bulbs will keep them all shining bright – and keep you safe while you’re on the road.

Car and Truck Light Bulb Finder

Color and Life

We stock standard incandescent and long-life bulb options for high- and low-beam headlights. Choose from blue to super-white, true xenon and even metal halide headlights that offer the brightest and best beam for your safety.


Light up your entire car or truck with new bulbs for your glove compartment, turn signal, brake lights, headlights, side indicators, daytime running lights, instrument panel and much more. We’ve got matching replacement bulbs for your vehicle that will meet or exceed the original equipment it came with.

Light Bulb Disposal and Recycling

Light bulb technology continues to evolve, providing more efficient, environmentally-friendly lighting options. However, it’s still important to dispose of spent bulbs properly in order to keep our environment safe. Batteries Plus Bulbs is proud to be a leader in recycling light bulbs for cars and trucks. Be sure to ask an associate at your nearest store for complete information on local and state recycling procedures.