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What You Can Expect When You Schedule a Cell Phone Repair

What to expect when scheduling a cell phone repair

No-Fuss Scheduling

Select your specific phone type and choose it under the "Schedule a Repair" tab. Choose whether you need a screen repair or a battery replacement. You'll be presented with appointment dates and the store you want to visit. Make the selections you prefer and enter your contact information.

Don't know your model number? Not sure what is wrong with your phone? That's okay, we can help! Schedule a Free Diagnotic appointment or, you're welcome to walk-in anytime.

Schedule Repair OnlineFind a Store and Walk-In

Your Arrival

Once you get to the store, you'll be greeted by a WISE-certified repair technician who'll run a series of diagnostic tests on your phone to determine its functionality and what, exactly, needs to be repaired. Now's the time to ask any questions you might have.

Why Schedule a Repair with Batteries Plus?

With our team of certified technicians, you can be confident that your device is in good hands.

Wise certified

What is WISE Certification and What Does It Mean for Cell Phone Repair?

How do you find a cell phone repair shop you can trust? At Batteries Plus, our technicians are WISE certified. Learn about the WISE certification program and how it distinguishes our cell phone repair service from other retailers.

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Woman in gray holding out a phone

5 Reasons You Should Have Your Phone Fixed at Batteries Plus

Looking for a trustworthy place to have your phone repaired? Consider Batteries Plus. Our technicians are WISE certified and we use only the highest quality components. Learn about our partnership with Samsung and our 6-month national repair warranty.

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QA checking

Setting a Standard For Quality

At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we take pride in what we sell. Our Quality Assurance team maintains the highest quality standards and works to ensure that the products you buy are both safe and reliable. Read more to learn about our QA team and the important work that they do.

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Looking at a phone with a cracked screen

Is It Better To Repair or Replace a Phone?

Do you have a broken phone? Instead of replacing it, why not save money by having it repaired at Batteries Plus. Learn what we fix and how much it costs. Plus, find out why our technicians are the best in the business.

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Some services are really quick. If there's something we can do for you while you wait, we're glad to help.

Car Battery Health Check

When you come in for a free battery test, our technician will test your battery's voltage, cold cranking amps, as well as your vehicle's alternator and starter. The test itself takes less than two minutes.

Smart Home Consultation

Smart bulbs, outlets, cameras & more. Tell us what you're trying to accomplish and we'll tell you what you need to do it easily and effectively.

Key Fob Testing

Prior to replacing the battery, our experts will test your key fob to make sure it needs a new battery, and that the fob itself doesn't need to be replaced.

Phone Health Consultation

To ensure that our team fixes only what needs to be fixed, your technician will run a pre-repair diagnostic test on your phone.

Someone plugging a phone in over a desk with a laptop, cup of coffee and plant on it

Batteries Plus Offers Free Vehicle & Device Battery Testing

Batteries Plus offers battery testing on a variety of vehicles and devices. Concerned about the battery in your boat, motorcycle, RV, lawn tractor, watch or cell phone? We'll test it for free and let you know if it's time for a replacement.

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holding a key fob in front of a steering wheel

Do I Have to Go to a Car Dealership for a New Key Fob?

It's easy to get a key fob replacement at Batteries Plus. Stop in today to discover the replacement options we have for your vehicle and spend up to 50% less than a dealership and services can be completed in less time to get you back on the road.

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top corner of a phone

How to Check the Battery Health of Your Phone

Is your cell phone having trouble holding a charge? It could be your battery. Get answers to your cell phone battery questions and find out how Batteries Plus Bulbs' battery replacement service can help save you both time and money.

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Using a phone to set up smart home devices

10 Ways to Turn Your New House Into a Smart Home

Having a smart home is easier than every with our easy to setup and use Genni products. Read on to learn the top ten things that you can upgrade in your home to boost security, remote access and even take care of some pesky chores.

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Protect your phone. Pick up a screen protector and a phone case. And share your experience!

We'd love to receive a great Google review.

Tips on Charging Your Phone to Maximize Battery Life and Lifespan

Looking to get the longest life possible out of your cell phone battery? Follow these tips to help charge your phone more efficiently. Plus, find out how easy it is to replace your phone’s battery at Batteries Plus.

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Placing a screen protector on a phone

Top Tips to Prevent Your Phone Screen from Getting Scratched

Keeping your phone free of scratches is a great way to prevent further damage like a broken screen. Learn these great ways to keep your screen clean and remember, Batteries Plus is here if your phone needs a little more than just a cleaned screen.

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We guarantee the quality of our work by backing it with a nationwide warranty, which covers parts and workmanship for six months.

Same Day Repairs

Your phone is your lifeline, and you don’t want it to be out of your hands for any longer than it needs to be. That said, you have a broken screen. Or a useless battery. And you can’t stand it anymore. At Batteries Plus, we offer same-day phone repair, many times in under an hour. So you’ll be back to talking, texting, posting, shopping and snapping in no time.

cracked phone

We Fix It

No matter which iPhone model you have, issues like a cracked screen or dead battery can prevent you from listening to music, navigating apps, and using email. If the need arises, We Fix It can help make your iPhone function like new again in no time.

One-Stop Solution for All Your iPhone Repair Needs

We provide convenient same-day repairs, often completed within an hour, so you won't have to be without your iPhone for long. Our certified technicians tackle a wide range of iPhone repairs, including battery replacements, screen repairs and replacements, and camera repairs.

Visit Batteries Plus and get your iPhone back in tip-top shape today! Schedule an appointment online or visit a Batteries Plus location for our walk-in service.


Unplugged: Solving iPhone Battery Issues

Your iPhone battery is designed to last hours in-between charges, but a battery that won't hold a charge can put a significant damper on your productivity.

Here are five indications that you may need an iPhone battery replacement:

  1. Your iPhone battery generates heat while you're recharging it.
  2. Your iPhone is performing unusually slow.
  3. You receive an error message such as "Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced."
  4. The battery has started to drain faster than usual.
  5. Your phone unexpectedly shuts down frequently.

If you're dealing with even one of these issues, it may be time to consider an iPhone battery replacement.

The True cost of Ignoring a Cracked iPhone Screen

When you take your iPhone with you everywhere you go, there's always a chance of dropping it on the ground at some point. Not only is a cracked screen unsightly to look at, there may be other implications to worry about.

Before you decide to hold off on scheduling iPhone screen repair, consider the following risks:

  •   Further Damage to the Phone
    The screen protects the inner components of the phone from outside elements that could cause damage. Moisture could also seep through the cracks and affect the inner elements, too.
  •   Touch Screen Malfunction
    The touch screen capacity of your iPhone will most likely be the first thing to be influenced if the screen becomes cracked. Your phone may respond to your finger gestures much slower or even stop responding completely.
  •   Eye Strain
    The high-definition properties of an iPhone can be compromised whenever the screen breaks. Looking at the screen and viewing content may become more difficult, which could result in unnecessary eye strain. Bottom line, a cracked screen can make using your phone an unpleasant task.

Troubleshooting Your iPhone Camera Issues with Batteries Plus

One huge benefit of upgrading your iPhone is the newest camera, but what if you upgrade and eventually that camera stopped working? You bring it to Batteries Plus, is what you do. Our team of certified technicians will take a look, diagnose the problem and offer an estimate on the spot. And you'll be back to snapping selfies in no time.


Need help finding your model?

Go to Settings > General > About.
To the right of Model, you'll see the part number. To see the model number, tap the part number.

On an iPhone 7 or earlier, find the model number on the back of the phone.

Use the chart below to go directly to your repair options.

Model # Model
A2894, A2651, A2893, A2896, A2895 iPhone 14 Pro Max
A2890, A2650, A2889, A2892, A2891 iPhone 14 Pro
A2886, A2632, A2885, A2888, A2887 iPhone 14 Plus
A2882, A2649, A2881, A2884, A2883 iPhone 14
A2595, A2782, A2784, A2785, A2783 iPhone SE (2022)
A2643, A2484, A2641, A2644, A2645 iPhone 13 Pro Max
A2638, A2483, A2636, A2639, A2640 iPhone 13 Pro
A2628, A2481, A2626, A2629, A2630 iPhone 13 Mini
A2633, A2482, A2631, A2634, A2635 iPhone 13
A2172, A2402, A2403, A2404 iPhone 12
A2176, A2398, A2399, A2400 iPhone 12 Mini
A2341, A2406, A2407, A2408 iPhone 12 Pro
A2342, A2410, A2411, A2412 iPhone 12 Pro Max
A2275, A2296, A2298 iPhone SE (2020)
A2161, A2218, A2220 iPhone 11 Pro Max
A2160, A2215, A2217 iPhone 11 Pro
A2111, A2221, A2223 iPhone 11
A1984, A2105, A2106, A2107, A2108 iPhone XR
A1921, A2101, A2102, A2103, A2104 iPhone XS Max
A1920, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2100 iPhone XS
A1865, A1901, A1902 iPhone X
A1863, A1905, A1906 iPhone 8
A1864, A1897, A1898 iPhone 8 Plus
A1660, A1778, A1779 iPhone 7
A1661, A1784, A1785 iPhone 7 Plus
A1633, A1688, A1700 iPhone 6S
A1634, A1687, A1699 iPhone 6S Plus
A1549, A1586, A1589 iPhone 6
A1522, A1524, A1593 iPhone 6 Plus
A1723, A1662, A1724 iPhone SE (2016)
A1453, A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530, A1533 iPhone 5S
A1456, A1507, A1516, A1529, A1532 iPhone 5C
A1428, A1429, A1442 iPhone 5
A1431, A1387 iPhone 4S
A1332 iPhone 4 GSM
A1349 iPhone 4 CDMA


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