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Batteries Plus Bulbs Offers Free Vehicle & Device Battery Testing

Batteries Plus Blog - Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 12/15/2020

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Where can I get my battery tested? That's a question you may find yourself asking when a phone, car or other vehicle starts behaving strangely. You're probably aware that Batteries Plus Bulbs offers free car battery testing, but did you know that we test other batteries too? All of our locations offer complimentary testing on batteries from a wide variety of vehicles and devices. Keep reading to learn more about what types of batteries we test and when it's a good idea to have them checked out.

What Kinds of Batteries Do We Test?

The quick answer is that we'll test the batteries in almost anything. More specifically, that means the starting batteries found in vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, boats, RVs, lawn tractors and mowers, jet skis and personal watercraft, mopeds, electric bikes and scooters. If you're having issues with your personal devices, we'll be more than happy to check the battery in your watch, laptop, cell phone or tablet, as well as batteries found in generators.

One thing to note, the deep cycle batteries used to power golf carts, wheelchairs, trolling motors and sump pumps can't be quick-tested like other batteries. This is because deep cycle batteries are designed to deliver smaller amounts of power over a much longer period of time, rather than the initial burst of power used by starting batteries.

This is also true for the SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries used to power applications like emergency lighting, fire and security alarms, UPS backup units and children's riding toys. If you are concerned about the performance of a deep cycle or SLA battery, take note of your battery's typical voltage and run time. Our experts can compare this to the performance statistics of a new battery and help you determine if yours is past its prime.

When Should You Have Your Battery Tested?

Performance is the best indicator that a battery may be failing. If the battery in your device has a consistently low voltage or can only operate for a short time, there's a good chance your battery is beginning to go. For vehicle batteries, issues such as difficulty turning over the engine or poor performance in hot or cold weather are good indicators too. A dying battery may also cause vehicles gauges or electronics to fail. If you experience any of these issues, it's a good idea to get your battery checked.

The condition of the battery itself can also indicate when there's a problem. If you notice swelling or cracking on the battery case, it's probably time for a replacement. The appearance of corrosion on the battery terminals is also a good sign that you should get a battery test.

Keep in mind, you don't have to wait for a problem before you get your battery tested. Most vehicle batteries can last anywhere between three and seven years depending on how they're maintained and stored. If your battery falls somewhere in that range, it's a good idea to test it every year. This is especially true of seasonal vehicles like snowmobiles, boats and personal watercraft, which often spend long periods of time in storage.

Preparing to Have Your Battery Tested

Does a battery need to be charged to test it? Yes, a discharged battery will need to be recharged before it can be properly tested. If you have a discharged battery that you would like us to test, we can charge it for you, however, you should keep in mind that some of our locations charge for this service and that this will add additional time to your visit.

Should you remove the battery before bringing it to us? In most cases, yes, although if you are having the battery tested in your car, we can test it either separately or while it is still installed.

Device batteries are a different story. The batteries in your laptop, tablet or cell phone are often difficult to remove and if you're not sure what you're doing, you could end up causing damage. When it comes to digital devices, it's best to let our trained experts handle the removal.

Battery Replacement Services

So, what happens if your battery needs to be replaced? The staff at your local Batteries Plus Bulbs will gladly help you find a replacement. Our associates are trained experts who can locate the best battery for the job. In many cases, they may be able to point you toward an even better option based upon your specific needs. Plus, can you shop our enormous selection of batteries online.

We also offer battery installation service for cell phones, tablets, laptops, watches and key fobs, as well as car battery replacement for most model cars and trucks. Stop in and see us today for the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can rely on the battery in your car, UPS unit or cell phone.

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