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The Importance of Backing Up Your Business

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 9/6/2019

Protect your business data, equipment, customer experience and bottom line with a UPS backup system. Not sure which one is right for you? A little basic knowledge will help. Read more about uninterruptible power systems and the batteries they require.

A Flashlight For Every Occasion

Lighting - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 5/17/2019

Flashlights are an important item for everyday use, as well as an essential tool for a number of industry professionals. Batteries Plus Bulbs sells a wide range of models, suited to a variety of different tasks, each featuring its own unique size, shape and brightness.

Bring Up the Lights - Outdoor Décor & Lighting Tips for Spring

Lighting - by Mary Williams - updated on 4/10/2019

In preparation for spring, many people will dust off the old patio chairs and arrange their warm-weather setup for home entertaining and celebrations. For those who could use an upgrade, we've provided a variety of tips to revamp your outdoor décor and lighting to make spring even more enjoyable...

Setting a Standard For Quality

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 4/1/2019

At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we take pride in what we sell. Our Quality Assurance team maintains the highest quality standards and works to ensure that the products you buy are both safe and reliable. Read more to learn about our QA team and the important work that they do.

Power Tool Time! Outdoor Cleanup and Maintenance

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 4/1/2019

Landscape contractors, property managers, groundskeepers, this one's for you. It's time to take inventory of your power tools and landscape lighting. What do you have? What do you need? And how can we help you keep your equipment running strong?

Sump Pump Power & How Battery Back Ups Save the Day

Power - by Mary Williams - updated on 3/13/2019

When the power goes out, your sump pump needs a battery back-up to get going again, to keep your basement dry and your home safe from the storm. Batteries Plus Bulbs has a great selection of sump pump batteries to keep your home dry and water-free.

Powering Alarms and Security Systems

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 3/6/2019

Businesses are smart to invest in the best quality security systems. It only makes sense to have backup batteries and battery systems in place and available to keep that system up and running at its full potential.

The Business of Lighting: Interior Spaces

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 2/25/2019

All indoor lighting is not created equal. Choosing the right bulbs and fixtures means a lot; take into consideration wattage, temperature and color. Batteries Plus Bulbs can show you how to light different areas for each appropriate task and function.

We've Got This! Finding those Hard-to-Find Products.

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 2/4/2019

Finding those hard-to-find replacement batteries and bulbs for your electronics and lighting fixtures is our specialty! Read more about how Batteries Plus Bulbs will help you make easy work of what might be a tricky replacement project.

Building the Perfect Partnership

Franchise - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 1/31/2019

Jeff and Luci Orr and Todd and Amy Olson are Batteries Plus Bulbs owners who have found success operating their franchises as couples. Read more to learn about the advantages of owning a franchise as a couple, plus how they've combined their unique talents into a formidable team.

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