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A Flashlight For Every Occasion

Lighting - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 5/17/2019

Flashlights are an important item for everyday use, as well as an essential tool for a number of industry professionals. Batteries Plus Bulbs sells a wide range of models, suited to a variety of different tasks, each featuring its own unique size, shape and brightness.

Bring Up the Lights - Outdoor Décor & Lighting Tips for Spring

Lighting - by Mary Williams - updated on 4/10/2019

In preparation for spring, many people will dust off the old patio chairs and arrange their warm-weather setup for home entertaining and celebrations. For those who could use an upgrade, we've provided a variety of tips to revamp your outdoor décor and lighting to make spring even more enjoyable...

Seeing Things In a Different Light

Lighting - by David Neubert - updated on 7/26/2017

Light bulbs come in a vast range of color temperatures, providing many options to choose from when lighting the rooms in your home.The three primary types of color temperature for light bulbs are: Soft White, Bright White/Cool White, and Daylight...

Choosing the Perfect Lighting for Art Décor

Lighting - by Alex Schoenbeck - updated on 5/20/2016

If you're confused about what lighting to choose to highlight your artwork in the home, you wouldn't be the first. Perusing the array of lighting options available can be overwhelming, and we're guessing you probably have a few questions about what to get...

Lighting Tips for a Media Room

Lighting - by Chris - updated on 1/29/2016

Excitement is building in advance of one of the biggest sporting events in America. Now is the time to start prepping your media room for the perfect championship party. You've planned out the dips, snacks, beverages, and seating arrangements for optimal viewing pleasure, but have you thought about the lighting?...

Channel Your Inner Craftsman: Garage to Workshop Transformation

Lighting - by Irina Becker - updated on 8/14/2015

The garage is an often cramped and dusty mess, filled with last year's Christmas decorations and random boxes labeled, "1989." With the maker movement in full swing, folks everywhere are channeling their inner craftsman and trying their hands at 'making' instead of buying...

LED There Be Light

Lighting - by David Neubert - updated on 11/21/2014

The technology behind LED light bulbs continues to improve. Not only are these bulbs incredibly energy-efficient and long-lasting, but their many variable characteristics allow lighting environments in homes and businesses to be customized unlike ever before...

Going Retro: A Guide to Retrofitting Your Lighting System

Lighting - by David Neubert - updated on 9/19/2014

LED bulbs are everywhere these days.With so many options for homeowners and business owners to choose from, it's important to understand the differences between them. Here's a breakdown of the basic types of LED bulbs – what they're called and what they do...

Lighting Tips that are Easy on the Eye

Lighting - by David Neubert - updated on 8/8/2014

In order for students to maximize the time spent with their noses in books or staring at computer screens, it's important to consider some simple lighting tips to avoid the fatigue and eye strain that can often occur with ineffective lighting for studying or reading...

Psychology of Lighting

Lighting - by David Neubert - updated on 5/30/2014

With all the new lighting options currently available, it's important to understand which characteristics should be considered when purchasing CFL and LED bulbs for the home. We will go over a room-by-room breakdown of the recommended lighting for each unique space in a typical house...