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How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Power - by Rachael Maloney - updated on 8/16/2018

The 2017 hurricane season brought widespread devastation. Thousands were displaced from lost power, evacuation orders, or having their homes demolished. Almost a year later, thousands in Puerto Rico are still without power. We'd like to remind you to keep you and your family safe this year by taking these simple steps to be prepared for the peak of hurricane season.

Summer Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Power - by Rachael Maloney - updated on 7/3/2018

Summer heat can cause an increase in self-discharge & plate corrosion in your car or truck battery. Here are a few car battery maintenance tips to avoid heat damage to your battery.

April is National Car Care Month

Power - by Angela Christopherson - updated on 4/24/2015

We want to shed light on why it's important to have your car battery cared for and tested before it dies. As such, we went ahead and compiled a few simple-to-execute tips on battery care from our experts...

Crank It Up

Power - by David Neubert - updated on 1/16/2015

It is important that our car batteries possess the starting power needed to rev up our engines under any condition, cold or hot. Understanding the terminology that describes these vital battery properties could mean the difference between being stranded in the cold, or wasting money on a battery you don't need...

Being Smart About Smartphone Batteries

Power - by David Neubert - updated on 11/14/2014

The technology behind today's smartphones is remarkable. With the ability to talk, listen to music, take photos and download, upload and store huge amounts of data, all at the same time, there is virtually no limit to the access of information these devices provide...

Charge On

Power - by David Neubert - updated on 9/26/2014

It's easy to forget about our car, truck and motorcycle batteries until it's too late. That's because they usually just run without interruption until they die, without any forewarning. Predicting when this might happen is like trying to guess when and where the next earthquake might occur...

Back It Up

Power - by David Neubert - updated on 9/5/2014

We rely on uninterrupted access to critical data, telecommunications and other vital electronics, even during a power outage. Luckily for business and home owners, on-site battery backup devices exist. Having the right system in place can keep you from losing the use of your computer, allow you to properly save your work, stay connected to time-sensitive data...

What Floats Your Boat?

Power - by David Neubert - updated on 3/28/2014

Well, they don't necessarily make boats float, but they do make them go. Without a high-performing marine battery effectively powering your boat this spring and summer, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment out on the open water. Here are some tips to keep that from happening...

Saving Daylight

Power - by David Neubert - updated on 3/7/2014

Today, the developments in solar power are as exciting as any in the realm of smart, renewable energy. In fact, you can't even drive down a residential street anymore without seeing rows of solar-powered landscape lights, ornately displayed near walkways or in homeowners' yards...

Keeping Batteries Fresh

Power - by David Neubert - updated on 1/31/2014

You probably know how utterly hopeless it can feel to be stuck somewhere when your car won't start. Maybe you were fortunate enough to have access to a booster-pack, but if you weren't, then, odds are, you spent what felt like an eternity waiting for a tow or roadside-assistance reviewing exactly how you would avoid this situation from ever happening again...