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What is WISE Certification and What Does It Mean for Cell Phone Repair?

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 6/9/2022

Batteries Plus has WISE Certified technicians

Searching for a cell phone repair shop can be overwhelming. With so many businesses offering repair services, how do you know whether the technicians working there actually know what they're doing? At Batteries Plus, you can be confident that when you walk into one of our stores, you'll receive the highest quality service from trustworthy professionals. That's because we take part in the WISE certification program (available at participating locations only). Find out how WISE certification works and what it means for you as a consumer.

What is WISE Certification?

The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA)   established the Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE) certification program as a way of distinguishing high-quality cell phone repair providers from less-than-reputable retailers. The WISE program certifies a technician's ability to perform important repair functions according to a set of industry standard methods. Batteries Plus was the first retailer to be recognized by the program when it launched in October of 2019 and began certifying its technicians shortly after.

Are Batteries Plus Technicians WISE Certified?

At present, all Batteries Plus locations that offer cell phone repair are required to have two technicians on staff that are level 2 certified. Here is a breakdown of the Level 1 & 2 certification curriculum.

Level 1 - Technicians study online and take an exam which tests them on the following topics:

  • Common smartphone features & characteristics
  • Smartphone anatomy
  • Safety best practices
  • Lithium battery handling guidance
  • Repair tools
  • Repair terms & conditions
  • Warranties
  • Diagnostics & triage

Level 2 - Technicians must complete a repair while being observed by a veteran repair expert via webcam. The device is 100% functional before the repair and must be 100% functional after the test is completed in order for the technician to pass.

Does Batteries Plus Offer a Cell Phone Repair Warranty?

Batteries Plus also offers a limited nationwide 6-month warranty on all cell phone repairs. If a repair was completed within the past 6 months and the repaired component malfunctions, just bring the phone to any one of our locations and we'll fix the issue at no additional cost. Keep in mind that the warranty will be voided if the device has been altered or repaired by another party.

If you no longer have the repair receipt, don't worry. We know that keeping track of receipts can be difficult, so if you no longer have yours, we can look up the original repair in our system.

Batteries Plus is a Samsung Independent Service Provider

We have good news for Samsung users; Batteries Plus is also a part of the Samsung Independent Service Provider program. That means that when you bring your Samsung phone to one of our participating stores, we'll repair it using genuine Samsung parts and equipment. Samsung repairs are performed using Samsung parts at participating locations and when parts are available. For more information, check out our blog article entitled "Batteries Plus is Now a Samsung Independent Service Provider."

Batteries Plus is Your Cell Phone Repair Headquarters

Book your repair appointment online today, or stop into your nearest Batteries Plus location. We offer battery replacement, screen repair, as well as additional fixes for back glass, cameras, charge ports, speakers, buttons and headphone jacks.

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