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Expert Certified Phone Repair

You know that Batteries Plus Bulbs offers cell phone repair service, but how can you be sure that our device is in capable hands? One way Batteries Plus Bulbs sets itself apart from other cell phone repair retailers is through our participation in the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association's    (CTIA) WISE certification program.

Why is Certification Important?

The CTIA rolled out the Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE) Certification Program in October of 2019. Prior to this, there were no basic performance standards for the device repair industry, making it difficult for shoppers to distinguish between high-quality retailers and their less-than-reputable counterparts.

Batteries Plus Bulbs was the first enterprise-level retailer to be recognized under this program. Going forward, all of our technicians will complete their WISE certification.

The Certification Process

The actual certification itself tests a technician’s ability to perform important repair functions like screen replacement, speaker repairs, battery swaps and more. In order to receive certification, each candidate must pass both an online training course and a hands-on skills test. The test is administered by a veteran repair professional who monitors each candidate’s performance to make sure that all repairs are performed consistently using the proper methods.

How This Benefits You

This means that when you bring your cell phone, tablet or any other device to one of our stores, you can be confident that you're receiving only the highest-quality repairs, knowing that our technicians have been certified to perform repairs consistently to industry standards.

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