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Vacuum Batteries

Battery-powered vacuums are quick and convenient to use for everyday household chores. But, if your vacuum starts showing signs of sluggish performance, it may be time to replace the vacuum batteries. Get a fresh battery to provide longer lasting running times and maximum suction power at Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Vacuum Batteries for Dependable Performance

Some batteries can last for years, but eventually, they'll wear out. If your vacuum won't power on consistently, the battery won't hold a charge, or your vacuums cleaning power has diminished, it's probably time to replace the battery. Whether you need a standard or robot vacuum battery for daily operation or a Dustbuster battery for cleaning occasional messes, the right replacement battery ensures you always have the suctioning power you want when you need it. It's also a good idea to keep a spare battery on hand so you don't have to stop cleaning to let your battery recharge.

Batteries for Every Vacuum

Batteries Plus Bulbs carries a wide assortment of batteries to power many major vacuum brands and styles. Get a Swiffer vacuum battery, Black and Decker Dustbuster replacement battery, and more. We also carry iRobot replacement batteries and Dirt Devil batteries, too. Even if the battery for your vacuum is no longer in production, we can help build a replacement battery pack to fit your specific model.

Find the right battery for your vacuum here, or stop by one of our stores today for helpful service and great deals.

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