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Premier Installation Service

Extend the life of your battery by preventing corrosion from the start. Upgrade to premier installation to have our associates apply anti-corrosion products while they install your new car battery.

Affordable Auto Battery Resetting Service

Don't deal with expensive dealer pricing to reset the computer to recognize a new battery. Have us do it for you with our affordable resetting service.

Auxillary Batteries & Installation

If your stop/start system is failing and it's time to have your auxiliary battery replaced, stop by your local Batteries Plus for the correct replacement and have it installed by our store experts.

Expert Testing and Terminal Brushing

If your car is starting to show signs of a weak battery, stop in and have it tested by our in-store experts to see if it needs replacing. They'll even brush your terminals to remove any corrosion buildup while they're under the hood.


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Battery Tips

White Corrosion

White corrosion is indicative of electrolyte vapors adhering to the battery terminal and connectors, most commonly associated with overcharging and high temperatures.

Recommended Action

If your battery is still good:

  • Clean the corrosion and apply terminal protectors and preventative spray to help prevent future corrosion and prolong the life of your battery.
  • Replace the terminal connector if necessary.

If your battery is bad:

  • Replace your battery.
  • Replace the terminal connectors if necessary.

Green Corrosion

Green corrosion is the result of the oxidation of exposed copper on the connector or copper cables which diminishes the cable's conductivity, reducing charging and discharging capabilities.

Recommended Action

  • Clean the corrosion and apply preventative spray to help prevent future corrosion.
  • Replace the terminal connector if necessary.
  • If the corrosion is from the cables, you may need to take your vehicle to a local mechanic to have the cable replaced.

Blue Corrosion

Blue corrosion signifies the presence of copper sulfate, which is caused by hot sulfuric acid and copper being exposed to each other. Basically, the vehicle battery has been overheated, diminishing both the battery and copper life.

Recommended Action

If your battery is still good:

  • Clean the corrosion and apply terminal protectors and preventative spray to help prevent future corrosion and prolong the life of your battery.
  • Replace the terminal connector if necessary.

If your battery is bad:

  • Replace your battery.
  • Replace the terminal connectors if necessary.

Noticing some corrosion on or around your battery terminals?
Drive into your local store to have your battery tested. If your battery is still in good order, our associates will scrub off the corrosion with a terminal brush and get you back on the road. If your battery needs to be replaced, we will help you find the best battery for your vehicle and install it while you wait.

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Have your new battery installed with our optional Premier Installation service. Our associates will apply corrosion cleaning spray, terminal protection spray and install terminal protectors when your new battery is connected.

Battery corrosion is the leading cause of early battery failure but can be easily reversed if caught early enough.

Avoid unnecessary headaches by keeping your battery terminals clean so you don't run into common battery failure signs like slow cranking, dimming headlights, or not starting the car at all.

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Powering Through Life

Ready to learn more about car and truck batteries? Read our blogs written by battery experts to gain helpful knowledge about all things automotive batteries. New batteries, old batteries, charging, accessories, we cover it all!

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Exposing your car battery to excessive heat can accelerate chemical reactions and evaporation of the electrolyte solution in car batteries, reducing capacity, causing corrosion, sulfation, and shorter lifespan.

Exposure to extreme cold weather increases internal resistance, making it harder for the battery to deliver power. It reduces chemical reactions, lowering battery capacity and making it more difficult to crank the engine.

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