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Marine Chargers

The right marine battery charger helps keep your boat powered and prolongs the life and performance of your marine battery. Shop the best brands of boat battery chargers at Batteries Plus Bulbs, where you’ll find a wide selection of voltages, styles and special features for the power you need on the water.

Finding the Right Marine Battery Charger

Different types of batteries have different charging needs, so it's important to assess your marine battery before buying a charger. When shopping for a new boat battery charger, consider the following factors:

  • Voltage. While some marine battery chargers can operate on a variable voltage, most are intended for use on a specific voltage battery system. Check whether your marine battery is a 6V, 12V, 24V or another voltage to ensure you get a charger that offers the right voltage output.
  • Battery type. There are a number of marine battery types available, including flooded, gel, AGM and lithium styles. Certain marine battery chargers can charge some or all types, while others are designed to power specific batteries, like the Duracell Ultra advanced AGM. Match your charger to both the voltage and battery type to maximize the life and power of your marine battery.
  • Waterproof features. The needs of your marine battery charger also depend upon where you'll be using it. If you'll be charging your battery in damp environments, it's important to have a shock-resistant and waterproof battery charger. A vibration resistant charger is also helpful if you'll be carrying it in your car or boat, as the extra strength will help prolong your charger life and functionality.

Choosing the Best Replacement Marine Battery

When the time comes to find a new boat battery, Batteries Plus Bulbs offers a wide selection of battery types to power all your marine needs. Shop conventional flooded and AGM types to find the right fit for your boat and nautical equipment.

  • Deep Cycle Marine Batteries. A heavy charge and discharge cycle makes these batteries perfect for strong, sustained power. Choose a deep cycle battery when you need to operate a live well pump, trolling motor or depth finder.
  • Starting Batteries. These batteries provide strong and fast power. When you need to power an inboard/outboard motor or operate accessories like radios and lights, starting batteries are the best choice.
  • Dual Purpose Batteries. When you're looking for power that does a bit of everything, dual purpose batteries deliver the strength you need. The burst of fast power starts your engine, while the cycling capacities offer the sustained and reliable drive to operate your accessories.

How to Store Your Marine Battery and Charger

Keep your boat battery and charger operating at peak performance by storing them safely when not in use. A marine battery box is the perfect way to keep your equipment safe at home, in transit and on the water.

Choose a battery box that's big enough for your needs, without being so large that your battery slides around. A heavy-duty, crack-resistant design is important for any battery box, along with a secure locking mechanism to prevent damage on rough terrain.

If you're planning to take your battery box on the open water, look for designs that offer UV-resistant and waterproof qualities. Store your battery away from metallic objects, in a space with plenty of ventilation in case of potential leaks.

Choose the best battery and marine battery charger at Batteries Plus Bulbs. If you need further help finding the right charger, head to a store near you for assistance from our product experts.