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deep cycle Marine and Boat Batteries

Keeping your boat or vessel operating at top performance and properly maintained is essential for the longevity of your boat. Water vessels have unique requirements for batteries when compared to land vehicles. Batteries Plus Bulbs has a large inventory of deep cycle marine batteries to make it easy for you to find the right one!

What are Deep Cycle Marine Batteries?

Deep cycle marine batteries are designed specifically for life on the water. Made using durable components, a deep cycle boat battery is built to provide reliable, continuous power in a number of marine applications.

What's more, deep cycle marine batteries are made with a thicker plate construction compared to other types of batteries. The thicker plate means the battery is less likely to overheat and it's designed to withstand the rigors of engine vibration, wave pounding, trailer transport and high temperatures in heavy currents or harsh weather conditions.

Are Marine Batteries and Deep Cycle Batteries the Same?

Regular marine batteries are often used as starter batteries, or cranking batteries, for starting the motor, but can sometimes be dual-purpose batteries too. Starter marine batteries are usually designed to deliver short bursts of energy, such as providing a surge of power when starting an engine.

A deep cycle boat battery is designed to provide continuous power over a period of time. A deep cycle marine battery will feature thick, solid plates that are heavier than those used in starter batteries.

Deep cycle marine batteries can also be discharged to low as 80 percent of their capacity without causing any damage. Ideally, a deep cycle boat battery is designed with an operating range around 60 percent.

Can I Just Use a Marine Battery?

It can be tempting to some people to consider using just one marine battery for both cranking and trolling. However, if a starter battery is used for trolling or any other marine application that requires continuous use, it may have a higher risk of overheating. It can also degrade the battery in a matter of weeks.

On the other hand, deep cycle marine batteries may be better suited for continuous use, such as when trolling, but may not always perform as expected when needed as a starter battery. In order to achieve the most reliable results, it's usually advisable to consider using two batteries.

Dual Purpose Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

For marine enthusiasts determined to only use one battery, it is possible to use a dual purpose deep cycle marine battery that works for both cranking and trolling. Using a 2-in-1 battery option can be appealing to some people, as it is essentially a hybrid between the two types of battery.

A dual purpose battery could mean paying for and maintaining only one battery. However, it may not provide the same reliable results as operating two separate marine batteries designed for individual tasks while out to sea.

A dual purpose boat battery can also be at risk of overheating, particularly in high waves or harsh conditions. It's also worth remembering that a 2-in-1 battery might also not perform well if it has been discharged to less than 50 percent of its usable capacity, particularly during longer trips.

Should I Use a Dual Purpose Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

Before choosing a deep cycle boat battery, take time to consider your options and level of performance and reliability you need while out to sea. Choosing to use two batteries allows you to keep a dedicated cranking battery used only for starting the engine and a separate deep cycle marine battery for providing power to other accessories and applications. In the event that the deep cycle battery is discharged, you aren't at risk of being unable to start the engine when you're out to sea.

When you are out to sea it is always a good idea to be prepared for any emergencies with backup power options. Having a rescue pack on hand helps provide a dependable emergency power source.

A deep cycle marine battery and a starter battery are both important components within any boat or vessel. It's important to recognize the difference between the two and make your choice accordingly. The Batteries Plus Bulbs team is here to help guide you in your decision-making process. Shop online or visit your local store to find the best option to fit your needs.

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