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Hearing Aid Batteries - Formats

Need a new hearing aid battery? Batteries Plus Bulbs has replacements for all of the standard hearing aid battery sizes. Our long lasting batteries will help minimize the inconvenience of a dead hearing aid so that your life can get back to normal quickly.

Featured Formats

Factors that Influence Hearing Aid Battery Life

Like with any battery, there are a number of factors that can impact the run time and life span of your hearing aid battery. These include:

  • Severity of Hearing Loss - The harder the hearing aid needs to work, amplifying sound, the more it will drain the battery. Similarly, if you have to use your hearing aid for long periods of time each day, you’ll need to replace the battery more often.
  • Temperature - If the battery is exposed to extreme temperatures, you’ll likely see a decline in performance and lifespan. This applies to both batteries in use and storage. Avoid exposing your hearing aid to hot or cold temperatures for extended periods of time and store unused batteries in a cool, dry place.
  • Size of the Battery - As hearing aids diminish in size, the battery gets smaller too. Smaller batteries will have less "active material" inside to power your aid. These batteries may need to be changed more often.

Ingestion Safety Warning

Due to their small size, hearing aid batteries are incredibly easy to swallow, especially for children. While these batteries are safe for normal use, they can be hazardous when ingested. To avoid accidental ingestion, do not leave your batteries within reach of children. For more information, read our ingestion safety tips.

Recycling Hearing Aid Batteries

Help Batteries Plus Bulbs protect our environment by properly disposing of your spent batteries. Your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store acts as a drop-off point for the recycling of many types of old batteries. Learn more about our battery recycling program here and see why we’re an industry leader.