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ATV Batteries - Brands

The best ATV adventures call for the most dependable power. Find a wide selection of ATV batteries that fit your four wheeler at Batteries Plus Bulbs. We offer everything from high-performance AGM to classic lead acid batteries to keep your all-terrain vehicle performing at its best.

ATV Battery Finder

When to Replace Your ATV Battery

Your ATV battery works hard while you ride, but it also loses a small amount of charge even when it's not in use. If you're having a hard time starting up your ATV, check to see if your battery is truly dead or if it has just lost its charge. Whether you're testing your current battery or shopping for the right replacement battery to fit your ATV, come by your local Batteries Plus Bulbs for an expert consultation.

Choosing the Best Battery for Your ATV

When you're deciding which four wheeler battery is the best fit for your ATV, it's important to consider both your usage and maintenance needs. We carry everything from leading-edge AGM designs to conventional flooded four wheeler batteries for select models. Use our online ATV Battery Finder to search by brand and model, and narrow the selection down to the best options for your vehicle.

High-Performance AGM

For long-lasting power you can trust, choose a Duracell® Ultra high-performance AGM. The design features a low internal resistance, giving you a powerful start every time. Built with advanced engineered plastics, it's spill-proof even on the roughest terrain. We firmly believe in the power of Duracell® Ultra – that's why it comes with our 24-month nationwide warranty.

Xtreme AGM

Looking for a low-maintenance quad battery that's tough enough for off-road fun? The Xtreme AGM offers a sealed design with high vibration resistance, making it great for rugged adventures. With a 12-month nationwide guarantee, the Xtreme AGM is a dependable choice for work or play.

Conventional Flooded

For your basic ATV needs, we offer conventional lead acid batteries for select models. The sturdy design is dependable and low-maintenance with a 6-month nationwide guarantee.

From our high-performance Duracell® Ultra to the classic flooded, all our ATV batteries are designed for long-lasting quality. Learn more about our powersport battery selection to find the perfect model for your all-terrain vehicle.

Keep Your ATV Battery Working It's Best with an ATV Battery Charger

Even when you're not using your ATV, the battery still loses a little bit of its charge while in storage. An ATV battery charger keeps your battery ready to go whenever you need it. Finding the right charger can be a major factor in the lifespan and performance of your battery. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we offer a wide selection of designs to keep your ATV battery running at its best. For even more ATV support, shop our selection of ATV light bulbs that give you clear visibility on even the roughest ride.

Recycling Your ATV Battery

When the last charge is finally gone from your old ATV battery, it's time to find a safe drop-off point for it. Batteries Plus Bulbs is proud to be an industry leader in light bulb and battery recycling. We're committed to reducing landfill waste and protecting the environment by offering a convenient recycling program at each of our store locations.