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Lead Acid vs Lithium Iron Phosphate: Which is the Best Powersport Battery?

Batteries Plus Blog - Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 9/23/2020

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Consumers have a number of options when looking to replace the batteries in their motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVS or other powersport applications. Two of the most popular categories for these uses are lead acid batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Lead acid batteries function very differently from lithium iron phosphate types, resulting in significant differences in terms of lifecycle, performance and charging times. Let's take a look at some of these differences and what they means for you as a consumer.

Life Cycle and Charging

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a number of advantages over traditional lead acid types. For starters, lithium iron phosphate batteries tend to last roughly three to four times the length of traditional lead acid batteries. That works out to a life cycle of about eight to ten years. A lithium iron phosphate battery will also charge much faster than a sealed lead acid (SLA) option and discharge less easily, meaning that they hold a charge for much longer while in storage. By comparison, Lead acid batteries have lower charging efficiencies, meaning that they have longer recharge times, with significant energy going into gasification and mixing the acid internally.

Weight, Mounting and Control Systems

Lithium batteries also weigh an average of three times less than SLAs and can be mounted in any direction without fear of leaking due to their dry cell technology. There are also a number of control systems built into lithium iron phosphate batteries, including management systems to help maximize their efficiency, remote control systems that warn you of any malfunctions and automatic disconnection, which disconnects the battery when it's not in use.

Breaking Down Cost

The one advantage SLA batteries hold is in price. Lithium iron phosphate batteries cost more, roughly 2.5 times more than an SLA battery. In most cases, the additional expense is worth it, due to the enhanced performance lithium batteries offer, however, if you are only planning on holding on to your motorcycle, golf cart or boat for another year or two, the more affordable SLA battery is probably your best bet.

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