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Phone Essentials


Fix It

When it's time to repair your cracked screen, replace a slow battery and fix those broken buttons, we can help. Bring your phone or tablet to our location nearest you and we'll have it working and looking good as new in no time. Plus, save $10 when you schedule your repair online.

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Protect It

Whether you need the ultimate in phone protection, or something a little simpler, a case will not only protect your investment, but it'll look great, too. Get one to suit your needs, or get a couple and switch them out.

Screen protectors are a quick, easy way to save your phone or tablet screen, and to keep it clean and germ-free, too.

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Power It

Keep your phone charged whether you're near an outlet or not. Extra-long charging cords, cordless chargers and power banks keep your phone powered up and ready when you need it. While you're here, pick up a spare - you never know when you'll need it.

One thing to note: If your phone isn't holding a charge, it might be the battery. Bring it in and our experts will take a look.


Accessorize It

Life's too short to have a boring phone. Personalize your cell with a PopSocket! Not only are there dozens of designs to choose from, including sports, snacks and space-themed, but they're handy and useful, too. Get a grip on your phone, and do it in style.