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Prospective Vendor

Trust the Plus. Customers have relied on Batteries Plus Bulbs for over 25 years to provide top-quality products, backed by the unmatched knowledge and service of our associates. We have over 680 stores nationwide supplied through a central distribution facility or directly from US manufacturing/warehouse facilities. We employ a certified Quality Assurance team to ensure standards are consistently met, through direct visits and auditing of manufacturer facilities, along with full analysis and testing of products. Our testing labs are in Hartland, WI and Shenzhen, China.

Access to new technology and products positions our stores as the top destination for batteries, light bulbs, chargers, and repair services in the US. To that end, we welcome information from prospective vendors and suppliers for review by our team. Vendors interested in distributing products through the Batteries Plus Bulbs system should complete our Prospective Vendor - Product Form.

Completion of the Prospective Vendor Form does not ensure review or response from our team. Our team receives solicitations on a regular basis. It is important that you differentiate your business from competitors in your market, as well as research Batteries Plus Bulbs to ensure you are offering solutions specific to our business needs. Please do not create multiple submissions - a Batteries Plus Bulbs team member will contact you if your product(s)/services meets the specific needs of our system.