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SLA Battery Quality Commitment

SLA backups on a shelf

One major reason Batteries Plus has become one of the largest distributors of sealed lead acid batteries in the United States is because of our high quality standards to ensure we are always providing our customers with premium batteries.

With hundreds of lead acid vendors available, Batteries Plus chooses to work with less than 10 overseas suppliers to manufacture our premium sealed lead acid batteries. Batteries Plus works closely with vendors that manufacture premium product specifically for the North American market, using high quality materials and the best possible construction. To drive down cost, some vendors use lower quality materials, or less active material in the battery leading to shorter run times, and less cycle life. Batteries Plus does not take short cuts on product quality or construction. This means our batteries have premium performance and life!

With dedicated test laboratories and quality and sourcing offices, we regularly visit our suppliers to ensure that our manufacturing process requirements are being met. Batteries Plus regularly audits the quality of their products. Why is this important? Our batteries have consistent quality – between batches and over time. This helps ensure your applications and devices perform consistently and to the best of their ability.

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