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UPS Batteries - Brands

When an unexpected shutdown or power surge hits, it's essential to have a backup you can count on. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) device can protect your equipment and data, but it needs a dependable battery to perform at its best. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we offer UPS batteries from all the top brands to guarantee you've got power when you need it most.

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No matter what brand and model of UPS you rely on, Batteries Plus Bulbs has the power you need to keep your backup device running smoothly. From American Power Conversion (APC) to Verizon, it's easy to find the perfect UPS battery replacements from all the top brands. Most devices include instructions that will guide you through any specific battery requirements to keep your UPS in top condition. If you're not sure what UPS battery is the right fit for you, drop into one of our Batteries Plus Bulbs stores for assistance, no appointment necessary.

Protection in any Situation

Whether it's stormy weather or an overloaded grid, a power outage can strike at any time. With a high-performance APC UPS battery replacement from Batteries Plus Bulbs, you've got the power you need to protect all of your electrical devices. Avoid data loss from an unexpected surge with a reliable APC surge protector battery. No matter the situation, a trustworthy UPS battery guarantees your devices stay powered through anything.

When to Replace Your UPS Battery

You never know when a shutdown might hit, so it's important to have a reliable backup power source. Regular check-ups and maintenance on your UPS battery ensure that when the time comes, your battery is ready to go.

Since UPS devices aren't an everyday application, it can be easy to forget about checking the battery. Depending upon the type and usage, most UPS batteries have a lifespan of three to five years. Many devices will have a "Low Battery" light to alert you it's time to change the battery, but it's a good idea to do regular tests just in case. If you're not sure about the condition of your UPS battery, drop by your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store and one of our experts would be happy to help you with a free battery test.

UPS Batteries You Can Count On

When the safety of your data relies on finding the right UPS batteries, you need dependable quality. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we're committed to providing the best sealed lead acid batteries to keep your device running perfectly. Our high standard of materials and construction means that each of our batteries delivers premium life and performance to power your needs.

Where to Recycle Your Old UPS Battery

All batteries need to be replaced eventually, so why not take care of it all in one place? As well as selling a wide range of UPS batteries, Batteries Plus Bulbs is proud to offer a used battery drop-off point at each of our locations. We're committed to reducing landfill waste by helping to recycle and reuse a variety of battery and bulb types. To learn more about the models we can accept, check out the details of our recycling program.