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Do You Really Need to Upgrade Your Phone?

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 4/7/2022

Replacing a phone battery

Manufacturers are constantly cranking out new phone models that offer a bunch of new bells and whistles. While there is a definite appeal in having the newest, shiniest model, there are a number of reasons why holding on to your current phone can be beneficial both for you and the environment.

Replace Your Battery Instead of Your Phone

Many people end up replacing their phones due to performance issues that can be fixed with a simple battery replacement. Cell phone batteries typically last an average of one to two years. After that, they can cause a number of performance issues. Your phone's battery may have a hard time holding a charge, forcing you to charge it more often than you used to. As your battery ages, your phone's processor can't draw as much power from it, which can also cause unexpected crashes or shutdowns. In the case of iPhones, your phone will actually slow down your phone's performance in order to control how much power it is drawing from the battery. When many people experience these issues, they wrongly assume it's because they're phone is outdated, but the truth is, their phone is just fine, it's their battery that's causing the problem.

Is It Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Phone?

Buying a new phone can cost as much as $1,000. Having your battery replaced will fix the performance issues mentioned above and save you a lot of money in the process. How much money? A battery replacement at Batteries Plus will typically cost less than $90. If you have a cracked or broken screen, you can have it fixed for a few hundred dollars. Plus, many of our stores offer additional discounts when you get a battery replacement in conjunction with another repair service. Fixing your current phone will add years to its life, while saving you a hefty chunk of change.

How Can Phones Be More Environmentally Friendly?

Earth Day is coming up in a few weeks, so let's take a moment to talk about the environmental impact of your phone. Cell phones have a significant carbon footprint. Recent research   has shown that the carbon emissions linked to smartphones have risen to approx. 125 megatons per year. The majority of these emissions are generated during the manufacturing process. This is because cell phones are built out of a number of precious metals such as gold, cobalt and tungsten, all of which need to be mined. Since the majority of these emissions are given off during the manufacturing process, keeping your current phone for a longer period of time will help cut down on the enormous carbon footprint that accompanies a new phone model.

Cell Phone Repair Services Available at Batteries Plus

Batteries Plus repairs cell phones from all major brands, including Apple, Samsung, Google, LG and Motorola. Here is a list of the repair services we offer:

  • Cell phone & tablet screen repair
  • Cell phone & tablet battery replacement
  • Back glass replacement
  • Front- & rear-facing camera repair
  • Charge port repair
  • Charge port cleaning
  • Speaker repair
  • Headphone jack repair
  • Button (home/volume/power) repair

Why You Should Trust the Cell Phone Repair Experts at Batteries Plus

Our repair technicians have been certified according to the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association's WISE certification standards. That means that when you bring your phone to one of our stores, you can be confident that you'll receive only the highest-quality repairs from a qualified repair professional. In addition, over 600 of our 700+ stores take part in the Samsung Independent Service Provider Program. That means that when you bring a Samsung phone to one of these locations, we'll repair it using genuine Samsung parts and equipment.

Visit Batteries Plus for Your Cell Phone Needs

Need a cell phone repaired or a battery replaced? Book your appointment online today, or stop into your nearest location. We also offer phone cases, power banks and other phone essentials. In addition, you'll find a number of phone-related articles on our blog, such as "How Do I Stop My iPhone from Restarting?" and "What to Do to Your Phone Before Trading It In."

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