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When you've found the perfect gift for a loved one, you want them to be able to enjoy it the moment it's unwrapped. This year, save the wait by including the right batteries with every gift you share.

In this guide, we'll explore the most common batteries for holiday gifts so you can find the right batteries for common types of holiday gifts you may be giving and receiving.

Batteries for Outdoor and Sports Equipment

Whether you're adventuring on your new ATV or exploring on your electric bike, outdoor and sports equipment gifts depend on quality batteries to deliver high-powered fun. If you're wondering what kind of batteries you'll need for an ATV, we're here to help.

While the specifics will depend on your brand and model, most ATV batteries fall into three categories:

  •   High-performance AGM: The highest standard in ATV batteries, high-performance AGM is known for a powerful start and spill-proof design to tackle even the roughest terrain.
  •   Xtreme AGM: With a dependable, low-maintenance design, Xtreme AGM batteries are tough enough for plenty of off-road fun.
  •   Conventional flooded: A classic battery option, conventional flooded batteries offer a reliable option for basic ATV use.

High-performance and Xtreme AGM designs are also popular for electric bike and scooter batteries. Consult your manufacturer for advice on which battery type fits your bike model, or drop by your local Batteries Plus Bulbs and one of our experts will be happy to help you find the right fit. We also carry a wide range of outdoor sports equipment batteries for hunting, fishing, biking and more.

Batteries for Household Electronics

Many home electronics are battery-powered, making high-quality batteries essential to keeping your home running smoothly. If you're gifting an electronic device this holiday, find the perfect home and electronic battery options to start it off right. Browse a variety of different designs, including standard and rechargeable AA and AAA sets that are ideal for a wide range of household needs.

Batteries for Tools

Get the most out of your new tools with batteries for high-powered cordless tool. Find batteries for impact drivers, cordless drills, screw guns and more for the perfect gifts this holiday season.

Many newer tool models use lithium-ion batteries, which offer a lightweight, compact alternative to classic designs. Check your tool model to see if it's lithium-ion compatible, then explore our selection for ultra-efficient cordless tool batteries.

Batteries for Toys

Whether you're buying toys for kids or those who are still kids at heart, keep the fun going by wrapping a set of batteries with their toy. Consider pre-installing batteries for instant fun, or add to the cheer by including batteries as a stocking stuffer. Shop general-purpose batteries like AA and AAA that are great for a wide range of toys, or find specialized designs tailored to your toys, including:

Visit your local Batteries Plus Bulbs to find everything you need to power holiday fun with our full selection of high-quality batteries for all your gifts.

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