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Drone Batteries

Choosing a quality battery for your drone can impact your flight time. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we have high performance batteries for drones, UAVs, quadcopters, tricopters and more. Get the most run time with a battery built specifically for powering your drone.

Battery Tips for your Drone

The technology used in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones, has taken major leaps. The same technology in many smartphones like magnetometers, gyros, accelerometers, radios, GPS modules and processors, high resolution cameras, along with advanced battery technology, has made flying a drone popular for personal and professional use.

Here are some battery tips to get the most flight time for your UAV:

  • It’s always great to carry a spare battery or 2
  • Store your drone and battery in a dry place at or below room temperature, without exposure to direct sunlight
  • Read and follow the instructions for charging and storing your battery
  • Never install or charge a battery if it has physical damage
  • Check to make sure your battery doesn’t overheat
  • Make sure you drone components are in good physical condition - Safety first
  • Your battery is critical to flying safely. If you fly too far out and your quadcopter runs out of power, it will either make an emergency landing or will crash
  • Know your drones flying time, battery levels and where to read these levels - Don't push the boundaries of flying on low battery power

Advanced Drone Batteries

Get enough power to maximize your flight time with the right drone battery. Find a complete range of drone batteries for sale to suit a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including drones, quadcopters, tricopters, and more. When stored correctly, our batteries provide lasting power under tough conditions, including extreme temperatures and heavy, frequent use.

Where to Buy Drone Batteries

While drone batteries once had a reputation for being pricey, at Batteries Plus Bulbs, we keep the drone battery cost down even for the most advanced power technology. With deals on bulk purchases, we make it easy to carry spare batteries and keep your drone airborne all day. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we can even help you determine what kind of battery your drone uses if you aren't sure.

We stock batteries for many major drone brands, with online ordering for delivery or pickup at your local store. To order, choose your drone manufacturer from the list above, and then select your model to see our selection of fully compatible batteries and battery packs.

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