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Remote Control Batteries

Whether powering controls for your security system, lights, universal remote or other devices, find compatible remote control batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs. We have a large array of remote control battery sizes to keep your devices running uninterrupted.

Common Remote Control Battery Types

Some batteries for remote controls are single-use, while others are rechargeable. Two of the most common remote control battery types include rechargeable lithium ion and alkaline batteries.

Rechargeable lithium ion batteries: These remote control batteries are easy to charge and minimize the need for purchasing replacement batteries. Lightweight lithium ion batteries are designed for long-lasting use.

Alkaline batteries: Generally less expensive than lithium batteries, these batteries are among the most commonly used types in the world. Cost-effective alkaline batteries may be a good choice for remote control devices for which changing the battery isn't too inconvenient.

Choosing the Right Remote Control Battery Size

Smaller devices are often powered by low current draws. For example, AAA batteries typically fit TV remote control battery size requirements. Remote control devices that require higher current draws are typically designed to work with larger batteries, such as the AA type.

No matter which remote control battery size you need, you can find the perfect replacement at Batteries Plus Bulbs. Shop our collection of remote control batteries online or in-store today.

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