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Preparation & Recovery

Emergencies happen, often quickly and without warning, but with some pre-planning, you'll be as ready as you can be. Depending on the event - hurricane, winter storm, wildfire, extreme cold - every person’s needs vary. And your home will require different supplies and tools than a business facility does. Check our guide below to learn about the emergencies most common to your area, as well as a list of must-have items to have on hand for each scenario.

PRO TIP: Have a headlamp on hand for power outages. This leaves both hands free to tend to other tasks.

Hurricane & Tropical Storm Preparedness

Hurricanes and other tropical storms are powerful weather systems capable of producing strong winds and heavy rainfall. States like Florida, Texas and Louisiana tend to be the most vulnerable, although any coastal area can be affected.

If you live in one of these areas, it’s a good idea to have an emergency kit on hand filled with essential items. Be sure to have a battery-powered radio at the ready to help keep you informed of any breaking news or instructions, along with plenty of backup batteries. Sump pump batteries will help keep your basement dry when the power goes out, and a powerful generator battery works to keep essential lights on. Below are a few other items we recommend.

Most Popular Hurricane Preparedness Items


The most common natural disaster in the United States, flooding has resulted in almost $8 billion in damage each year for the past 30 years. And even if you don’t live in a designated flood zone, damage can occur due to household accidents like a broken sump pump or a break in a water pipe.

Should the possibility of a flood threaten, you’ll want a good flashlight or headlamp, along with batteries for your sump pump and UPS back-up to keep your basement dry and data safe. Below are some additional items we recommend.

Most Popular Flood Preparedness Items

Wildfires & Drought Preparedness

In the Western US, wildfire season lasts from May through September, but dry conditions can increase the threat of wildfire at any time.

To stay safe, we recommend making sure your smoke detector batteries are changed twice annually. Flashlights and extra batteries should be available and stored in an easily accessible location, too. More recommended supplies are listed here.

Most Popular Wildfire & Drought Preparedness Items

Winter Storms

Brrrrrr! Monitor the weather and make sure that if heavy snow or an ice storm is on the way, you’re indoors and safe. Stock up on food, water, and batteries. Make sure your car or truck has booster cables or a jump pack, flashlights, blankets, and emergency flares. But your best bet? Stay indoors so that the plows and emergency crews can do their jobs.

Essentials for winter storm safety include flashlights and batteries, among other things. Take a look at our recommendations here.

Most Popular Winter Storm Preparedness Items

Tornado Preparedness

Typically associated with thunderstorms, tornadoes can hit quickly and without much warning, bringing high winds and flying debris.

Should you, your family or your co-workers find yourselves under a tornado warning, find shelter in a safe space, have a battery-powered radio on hand to stay on top of any weather news, and ensure that your headlamp or flashlight is powered up and ready to go. In addition, here are a few other items that might help keep you safe and connected.

Most Popular Tornado Preparedness Items

Power Outages

Power outages affect homes and businesses in similar and different ways. And while some outages last an hour or two, others can last much longer with serious repercussions. It’s the difference between “let’s light a candle and eat all the ice cream,” and “all the ice cream in aisle 12 has melted and has to be tossed.”

Flashlights, headlamps and extra batteries are the obvious supplies to have on hand in the event of an outage. But businesses especially shouldn’t forget about emergency lighting and exit signs. We can help with that. Below are our recommendations.

Most Popular Power Outage Preparedness Items


Smoke detectors save lives. Make sure yours is fully powered up at all times, and that means changing the batteries twice annually. Do it at the beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time, just to give yourself an easy reminder.

In addition to keeping your smoke detectors in good working order with fresh batteries, businesses should make sure their emergency lights and UPS back-ups are in good working order. We have suggestions for other tools for fire preparedness and recovery. Find our ideas below.

Most Popular Fire Prevention Items

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme heat and extreme cold are two sides of the same coin - weather conditions that present challenges to people, pets, to the power grid, to travel and to business.

To persevere through the heat or cold, obviously stay hydrated and out of the extreme weather if you can. We recommend making sure your car is stocked with a jump starter and booster cables. Other ideas are included below.

Most Popular Extreme Temperature Preparedness Items

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