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Trust Batteries Plus for Your Business' Storm Prep Needs

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 6/18/2021

Generator and a Duracell battery

When it comes to running your business, storm prep is probably the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, storms can hit when you least expect them, disrupting power and costing you both time and money. Batteries Plus can help you prepare for the unexpected with the backup batteries, generators and UPS systems you need to operate during a loss of power. Plus, we provide you with the expertise you need to make sure you have the best possible solutions for your business's needs.

UPS Backups

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will allow you to continue using vital computer and phone systems without any interruption during a sudden loss of power. This is crucial for industries that require zero downtime for their on-site systems. UPS systems also actively filter your power to protect against issues such as power surges or flickering power.

Batteries Plus has a number of UPS systems available for a variety of business needs. Our UPS Backups from APC provide reliable battery backup and surge protection for your electronics and computers and are available in 450VA (volt-amps), 650VA and 900VA models.

UPS System Batteries

Already have a UPS system? We can provide you with the batteries you need to keep it running. We offer a variety of SLA battery options to fit any system. Some of our top selling solutions include 8Ah batteries with F2 terminals, 9Ah batteries with F2 and NB terminals, plus 18Ah batteries with NB terminals.

Backup Generators

A UPS system is a great backup option, however, its power reserves are often limited to a short period of time. If you're looking for a longer lasting backup energy solution, you should consider investing in a backup generator. Our selection of portable generators includes 7500-watt, 9200-watt and 12,000-watt options.

Surge Protectors & Wall Taps

Storms can create electrical surges and spikes capable of damaging computers and other electrical equipment. Make sure your systems are protected with a quality surge protector. The CyberPower Outlet Surge Protector provides six surge protected outlets for up to 500 Joules of power. Or, consider the CyberPower Wall Tap which offers protection of up to 1200 Joules.

Flashlights and Electric Lanterns

It's always a good idea to have a few backup lighting options on hand for sudden storms. The NEBO Redline V Flashlight has five different light modes with a maximum brightness of 500 lumens. Available in black or gray.

The LuxPro LED Lantern is another great emergency lighting choice. This rechargeable lantern has a light output of up to 1,100 lumens and features a USB port to charge portable devices.

Alkaline Batteries

Make sure you have a supply of extra alkaline batteries in your work emergency kit to power flashlights and portable radios. Choose from bulk packs of top brands like Rayovac or Duracell. Our line of Duracell Procell and Procell Intense alkaline batteries are designed especially for the professional market in order to maximize battery life and help save on replacement costs.

Expert Advice

Need advice on finding the best backup solutions for your business? No problem, by partnering with us, you'll have access to your own dedicated advisor who can help suggest products to help you save time and money. Our additional perks include discount volume pricing, customized shipping and recycling services. Plus, we offer free on-site and virtual needs assessments to help you save money by using power and lighting more efficiently. Interested? Sign up for a free business account today and start taking advantage of everything Batteries Plus can do for your business.

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