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Services We Provide

We understand that cell phones are an important, almost essential, part of everyday communication. Stay connected to the important people in your life by bringing your broken or damaged cell phone to a Batteries Plus near you. Our trained associates can run diagnostic tests and perform cell phone repairs to get your phone back up and running in no time!

Cell Phone Repair

Get comprehensive cell phone repair services, including battery replacement, water damage repair, screen repair and more, for many phone models by top brands.

Cell Phone Screen Repair and Back Glass Repair

Broken or cracked screen? Let our trained associates repair your cell phone screen with a quick screen replacement. We can also replace cracked back glass, too.

Phone Camera and Charge Port Repair

If you're experiencing issues with your cell phone's camera or charge port, we can help. We'll examine your phone's components to locate and resolve the problem.

Broken Cellphone

Cell Phone Repair FAQs

We work on a wide variety of cell phone models by the industry's top brands and many less common brands, too. We repair iPhones by Apple as well as phones by Samsung, Google, Motorola and LG, just to name a few.

Cell phone repair cost varies depending on several factors, including the types of services and replacement parts needed, types of phones and store location. Screen and battery replacements generally start around $69.99, but specific prices can vary greatly. We carry a large selection of cell phone batteries to make replacements quick and convenient.

Accidents happen! If your phone is damaged by water, try to dry it out as quickly as you can. Bring it to one of our stores as soon as possible for servicing. We've got several techniques to try and save your phone from water damage and can even send it out to a lab for more work, if needed.

We can examine and work on charger ports on most phone models. Bring your cell phone into a store near you so a trained associate can inspect your device. If the issue is the charger itself and not the port, pick up a new cell phone charger from our wide selection.

We'll look at your device and run diagnostic tests to try and pinpoint the root of the issue. Visit your local Batteries Plus store for our trained associates' help with your phone's volume or audio problems.

Many smartphones have back glass, which can crack and chip, just like glass screens. We can replace the glass back panel so it looks and feels as good as new.

Don't miss out on any more photo ops! Let us fix your phone's camera so you can capture those special moments.