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Services You'll Use

iPhone Screen Repair

Stop settling for using a phone with a cracked or chipped screen. Our iPhone glass repair helps prevent further phone damage and protects your eyes from unnecessary strain. Trust us, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Don't let a dead or rapidly draining battery keep you from using your iPhone. Instead, let's replace your old battery with a new one to get your iPhone back in working order. Often, it's a quick fix.

iPhone Charging Port Repair

Is your iPhone not taking a charge? If your iPhone isn't charging, it could be your battery or your cable, but it could also be a faulty charging port. Have your charge port checked and repaired at Batteries Plus and you'll be fully powered up in no time!

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Apple iPhone Repair FAQs

If your phone won't hold a charge for long or even charge at all, the problem may be a dead or drained battery. Try plugging your power adaptor into a different outlet or try using a different lightning cable to ensure it's not a faulty wall socket or charger causing the problem. If you find that the battery still won't function, bring your phone to a Batteries Plus near you for an iPhone battery replacement.

If your glass screen is chipped or cracked, you'll likely need a replacement. When you bring your iPhone to us, we'll replace the screen and test the functionality of your device's other features to ensure it's working properly. In most cases, we'll do it all the same day you bring your phone in!

There may be several reasons an iPhone won't turn on, like exposure to water or extensive damage from being dropped. However, if your phone hasn't sustained any obvious damage, the most likely culprit is a battery gone bad. Let's change that battery and get your phone back to working order.

Water and iPhones do not get along, but if you accidentally drop your phone in water, pick it up immediately and turn it off. Remove any protective or decorative case, and dry it off as much and as fast as possible. Remove the SD or SIM card without opening the device, then immediately bring it to one of our stores for assistance and Apple iPhone repair services. We use a number of techniques to remove corrosion and dry out the phone, even sending it to our lab for further work, if necessary.

If your phone doesn't seem to hold a charge for very long, there's probably an issue with the battery. After years of heavy use, the battery may be worn down and need replacing. For your convenience, we perform in-store iPhone battery replacements the same day you bring it in, and in many cases, under an hour.

When you feel like your iPhone is performing slowly, there are a few things to try to narrow down the problem. Start by closing out all your apps, as having too many running at once may overload the phone and impact its performance speed. If this doesn't solve your problem, check to see if you need to run a software update on your phone. If you've updated your software and your phone is still slow, bring to a Batteries Plus store near you for further evaluation.