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Panther Motorcycle Batteries - Models

There’s nothing like the open road when it’s just you, your bike, and the wind, but a dead motorcycle battery can bring your adventure to a sudden stop. With a replacement motorcycle battery from Batteries Plus Bulbs, you’ll be back on the road in no time. Read more

Your Panther battery replacement is designed to meet or beat original equipment specifications for cold cranking amps (CCA), reserve (RC), and ampere hour capacity (Ah).

Batteries Plus Bulbs is the best source for the top brands of 12 Volt and 6 Volt batteries motorcycle batteries; Duracell Ultra, Xtreme AGM, and Xtreme Conventional Flooded. High performance Duracell Ultra AGM batteries are backed by an industry leading 24-month nationwide warranty.

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Choose DURACELL® ULTRA AGM for your Panther Motorcycle

The DURACELL® ULTRA AGM product line raises the standard for performance in even the most extreme conditions.Here are just a few reasons why DURACELL ULTRA provides one of the best motorcycle battery replacement options:
    DURACELL® ULTRA AGM for your Motorcycle
  • Maintenance-free - sealed design eliminates leakage
  • Lasts longer - superior vibration and heat resistance
  • Easy to install - top and front mount threaded terminals
  • Reserve Capacity - Pure calcium lead plates improve ability to power accessories
  • Increased Cranking Power - Thin plate design provides more starting power
  • 24-Month Full Replacement Warranty

If you like to get Xtreme, we are your best choice for all of your powersport needs. Learn more about our full line of Powersport batteries.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Panther Motorcycle Battery

  • Don’t forget the charger! One of the leading causes of battery failure for powersport batteries is neglect.
  • Off-season battery maintenance will provide you extended run-time and lifetime.
  • Motorcycle batteries work best when the charge is maintained.
  • Do not store the battery in a discharged state.

Panther Motorcycle Battery Recycling

Batteries Plus Bulbs is also an industry leader when it comes to recycling motorcycle batteries. Each Batteries Plus Bulbs location is a drop-off point for battery recycling. Learn more about our recycling programs for consumers and businesses.

Have more questions? Contact us or visit your nearest store.