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Toyota Sequoia Car and Truck Battery

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Shop Batteries Plus for a fantastic selection of replacement batteries for your Toyota Sequoia full-size SUV. We carry flooded and AGM batteries from trusted brands like Duracell, Optima and our exclusive X2Power brand. You'll also find replacement headlight bulbs, battery chargers, windshield wiper blades and more in our Auto Center.

Stop into your nearest location and take advantage of our convenient auto services, including:

  • Free auto battery testing
  • Free auto battery installation with auto battery purchase (valid at participating locations on most vehicle makes and models)
  • Key cutting and key fob replacement service (valid at participating locations only)

What Do Car Battery Size Numbers Mean?

  • When replacing your battery you need to purchase one with the correct size
  • You can find the correct BCI group size for your Toyota Sequoia in your owner's manual, or by looking it up online
  • A common battery size for the Toyota Sequoia is Group 27F

Is a Higher CCA Battery Better?

  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCAs) tell you how well a battery will perform when the temperature falls to zero degrees Fahrenheit and below
  • The higher the CCA rating, the more reliable the battery will be in cold weather
  • You will find the minimum CCA rating for a Sequoia SUV in your owner's manual
  • Do not buy a battery with a lower CCA rating than the manufacturer recommends
  • If you live in an area prone to very cold weather you may want to buy a battery with a higher than recommended CCA rating

Are AGM Batteries Better Than Flooded Batteries?

There are two different types of auto batteries, flooded and AGM. Here is a breakdown of their differences:

  • Flooded batteries are the most basic replacement battery options and cost the least upfront.
  • AGM batteries cost more, but provide more power than flooded batteries. This allows you to start your engine more easily in extremely hot and cold climates.
  • AGM batteries are also designed to last 2-3X longer than a flooded battery, which can save you money in the long run.
  • If your Toyota Sequoia came from the factory with an AGM battery installed, you must replace it with another AGM battery.

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Toyota Sequoia FAQs

Check whether your Sequoia has a flooded or AGM battery installed. An AGM battery must be replaced with another AGM battery. A flooded battery can be replaced with another flooded battery, or can be upgraded to an AGM battery.

The cost of replacing your battery depends on the type of battery you choose. Flooded batteries are more affordable upfront, but don't last as long. Since AGM batteries have a longer lifespan, you probably won't have to replace them as often, which often saves owners money in the long run.

Your Sequoia battery should last between 3 and 5 years. A battery’s lifespan is impacted by the type of battery you have, the climate you drive it in, as well as your driving habits. Our blog "6 Things That Can Drain Your Car Battery  " is full of useful information on how to maximize battery life.

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