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Ram 2500 Car and Truck Battery

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Important note about your Dodge Ram truck: Prior to 2011, these trucks used the "Dodge" name before "Ram". After 2011, however, they did not. This difference may help define your search.

Question: Where do you go to find a brand new battery for your Ram 2500? Answer: Batteries Plus, of course! Batteries Plus has an unparalleled selection of traditional flooded and AGM batteries for your Ram 2500, giving you the power and performance you expect from your truck. Not sure whether a flooded battery or an AGM battery is what you're looking for? We have answers for that question, too. Check out our blog, "Flooded vs. AGM: What is the best battery for your car or truck?  ".

When a battery is wearing out, there are signs you will notice, even though some are more obvious than others. Typically in our experience, we find that Ram 2500 batteries last anywhere from 3-5 years. When a truck battery begins to die, you might notice subtle signs like the engine taking a beat longer to turn over. Or your headlights appear dimmer than usual. You'll definitely notice that your Ram 2500 battery is failing if you require frequent jump starts to get your truck started. This is the same whether your truck is diesel or not. If you're just not sure whether a new battery is necessary, visit any one of 700+ Batteries Plus locations nationwide. Our experts will test your battery (or batteries, in the case of diesel) for free  . Then, if we find you need a new battery, you're in the right place. For about $200 or a traditional flooded battery and $230-$330 or so for an AGM battery, we'll have you powered up in no time.

One note about diesel-engine Ram 2500 trucks: Replace both batteries at the same time. We know there's mention of this online, but don't listen. Whenever batteries are run in a series or parallel, those batteries should be identical in age, type and size. Our in-store experts can tell you more.

If you're looking for a new battery for your Ram 2500, there are a few options. There's the Duracell Ultra Gold Flooded 790CCA BCI Group 94R Car and Truck Battery or the X2Power Premium AGM 840CCA BCI Group 94R Car and Truck Battery, found exclusively at Batteries Plus. Of course every year, and model makes a difference in which battery you choose. So does your budget and whether you drive a diesel-engine Ram 2500 or not. For the best fit, take a look at our battery finder, or stop in and one of our in-store experts will set you up.

So what happens to your old battery - or batteries - after they're removed? They can't just be taken out with the garbage or put into your home recycling bin. Batteries Plus recycling services can help. Just bring your recyclable batteries, bulbs & electronics to your nearest store and we'll take care of the rest. When you deliver your recyclables to us, we pass them on to our recycling partners who in turn repurpose the salvageable material for secondary uses and keep dangerous materials out of landfills. Please be aware fees may apply, and will vary based on location.

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