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Mini Cooper Car and Truck Battery

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Batteries Plus is your destination for replacement MINI Cooper batteries and more. We have top-quality replacement batteries for your MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper Clubman, MINI Cooper Countryman or MINI Cooper Paceman. If you need additional essentials, you'll find things like headlight bulbs, wiper blades, battery chargers and more in the Batteries Plus Auto Center.

Not sure if your MINI Cooper needs a new battery? Visit your nearest Batteries Plus location and have your battery tested for free. We'll test your voltage and Cold Cranking Amps, along with your vehicle's alternator and starter. The actual testing takes only five minutes, but offers great peace of mind.

Do you need a new battery for your MINI Cooper subcompact car? No problem. Batteries Plus has a selection of top-quality MINI Cooper batteries from brands like Duracell and X2Power. Plus, most of our locations offer expert installation when you purchase a new MINI Cooper battery (valid on most makes & models).

What type of battery does a MINI Cooper need? Before purchasing a new auto battery, be sure to consult your owner's manual for the correct battery size and CCA rating. You can also look at your current battery for the proper sizing. The CCA rating tells you how well your battery will perform in cold weather. Be sure that the battery you choose matches the battery size and CCA rating of your vehicle. For more information, read our blog entitled "How to Choose a Car Battery: A Beginner's Guide  ."

The next thing you need to know when buying a replacement MINI Cooper battery is the type of chemistry you want. There are two main types of auto battery chemistries: flooded and AGM. Most modern MINI Coopers require a 12-volt AGM battery. AGM batteries   feature a different internal construction than flooded batteries. This gives them a number of performance advantages that are outlined below. One important rule to follow is, if your MINI Cooper originally came with an AGM battery, you must replace it with another AGM battery. Otherwise, your performance will suffer.

AGM batteries offer the following advantages:

  • Higher voltage output - AGM batteries provides more electrical energy than flooded batteries for improved engine starting
  • Longer lifespan - AGM batteries are designed to last 2-3X longer than flooded batteries
  • Faster recharge rates - AGM batteries recharge much faster than flooded batteries
  • Slower discharge rates - AGM batteries hold their charge longer in storage than flooded batteries
  • Completely sealed design - since they are sealed, AGM batteries are spill-proof and can be mounted in a variety of positions that aren't possible with flooded options
  • Weather & vibration resistance - AGM batteries stand up better to vibrations and extreme hot and cold than flooded batteries do.

What is an X2Power battery? X2Power is a brand of high-performance batteries available exclusively at Batteries Plus. X2Power batteries are engineered to be the longest-lasting, best-performing auto battery available for your MINI Cooper. Their 99.9% pure lead electrochemistry provides more power, allowing you to start your MINI Cooper in any condition or environment. They're also designed to last three times longer than traditional auto batteries, plus they're 28x more resistant to vibrations.

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MINI Cooper FAQs

Most modern MINI Cooper cars require a 12-volt AGM battery. Check your owner's manual for the correct battery size and CCA rating, prior to purchase.

The cost of a MINI Cooper battery will depend on the size, type and brand of battery you choose.

The battery in your MINI Cooper should last between 3 and 5 years. If you're looking to get the longest life possible out of your battery, the key is to maintain its charge at all times. Driving your MINI Cooper at least once a week for 30 minutes at highway speeds will help charge the battery back up. If you won't be driving your car for several weeks, attach a battery maintainer to the battery to keep it from discharging too low.

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