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Chevrolet Tahoe Car and Truck Battery

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Is it time to replace the battery in your Chevy Tahoe? Great news: Getting a brand new battery for your Tahoe has never been easier. Chevrolet owners trust Batteries Plus to replace the batteries in their Tahoe trucks. Batteries Plus can help you, too. And new truck batteries aren't the only solutions you'll find. Batteries Plus stocks a complete selection of Chevy truck parts (and services, too) in our Auto Center, including key fobs, replacement wipers, car phone accessories, jumper cables and jump starters, as well as any kind of bulb you need for your Tahoe, from headlights to brake lights to interior bulbs.

Similar to most truck batteries, Tahoe batteries last from 3-5 years, depending on a few factors, including climate where you live, the kind of driving you do and your truck's maintenance schedule. So, does your battery need to be replaced? To find out, look for some signs. A battery that's failing will take a bit longer to start your truck than normal. You might also see dimmer headlights when your Tahoe is idling. One of the major signs that you need a new battery for your Chevy Tahoe is that you require jump starts to get going. One single jump may not be an issue. But multiple jump starts, either with a jump starter, or using another vehicle and jumper cables connected between the two, is a good sign that a new battery is in your future. Another sign that your Tahoe needs a new battery is any kind of corrosion, leaking, or odd smell coming from the battery. You'll want to have any of those conditions looked at by an expert.

If you're just not sure whether you need a new battery or not, stop by any Batteries Plus location at any time. Stores throughout the country will offer free battery testing, plus expert battery installation on most vehicles at most locations with your truck battery purchase. Or, you can upgrade to Premier Installation for a fee.

Now that you've replaced your battery, what do you do with the old one? Problem solved. Batteries Plus will recycle your old Tahoe battery when the new one is in place. Recycling is something we stand behind, be it for car & truck batteries, alkaline batteries, light bulbs and more. Our Recycling Services page tells the full story.

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Chevrolet Tahoe FAQs

Our experts recommend our exclusive X2Power X2Power Premium AGM 840CCA BCI Group 94R Car and Truck Battery for your Tahoe. You'll find X2Power only at Batteries Plus.

The battery in your Chevy Tahoe should last somewhere between three and five years. Battery life can depend on a number of factors, including the type of driving you do, the climate where you live, and what kind of maintenance you perform.

Batteries Plus offers expert battery installation on most models at most locations. Check with your local store to learn more. You can also upgrade to Premier Installation for a small fee. Premier Installation includes battery corrosion protection to help extend the life of your new battery.

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