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Chevrolet HHR Car and Truck Battery

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In the early 2000s the US had a retro fever. Several car companies were releasing new models with a heavy focus on a retro design. Chevy was no different, in 2005 the High Heritage Roof (HHR) was released and was quickly adopted by many people. People flocked to the retro design that also had a ton of cargo storage. The only downside was they didn't put in the right engines. The decision to use a previously used engine that has a history of flaws was not the best choice but the HHR had a devout following and was very successful until Chevy discontinued the model in 2011.

Never worry about your HHR battery again with help from your local battery experts at Batteries Plus. Batteries Plus carries a large selection of batteries for your Chevy HHR including batteries from Duracell Ultra. If you're in need of a new battery or are not sure, stop into one of our 700+ stores across the country to have it tested free of charge. If you do end up needing to purchase a new battery our in-store experts will install it for you free of charge. As an added bonus all of our Chevy vehicle batteries come with free replacement warranties.

We have everything you need for your HHR here at Batteries Plus. Batteries, wiper blades, interior and exterior lights are all available at your local store and online. Extend the life of your new battery by upgrading your installation to Premier Installation to add terminal protectors and anti-corrosion spray to prevent any corrosion from forming on your new battery. Visit our Automotive Center to learn more!

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