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Toyota Key Fob Replacement Services

You rely on your Toyota key fob to open your doors and in some cases, remotely start your vehicle. If your Toyota key becomes damaged or misplaced, Batteries Plus Bulbs specializes in performing Toyota key fob replacement services for a variety of models.

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Warning Signs of a Failing Toyota Key Fob Battery

Your Toyota key fob offers a more convenient and secure alternative to a manual Toyota key system. Eventually, your Toyota key fob battery will eventually wear out. Rather than risking complete failure, be aware of the following warning signs of a failing Toyota key fob battery:

  • Reduced signal strength: You should be able to activate your Toyota key fob as you walk away or approach your vehicle up to a 50-foot range in most cases.
  • Multiple clicks are needed to lock and unlock your doors: A fully functional Toyota key fob should operate with just a single click.
  • Inconsistent performance: Your Toyota key fob should activate each time you press a button.

Whether your Toyota key has unexpectedly quit working or you're in need of Toyota key fob battery replacement, we've got you covered. Batteries Plus Bulbs offers quick turnarounds on all Toyota key replacements so you can get back on the road in no time. Schedule Toyota key service in-store or online today.

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