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Buick Key Fob Replacement Services - Popular Models

Have you lost or broken your key fob? Do you need a spare? In as little as 30 minutes, you can quickly get your keys cut and key fob batteries replaced. We'll replace and program your key fob, and the cost can be up to 50% cheaper than the dealership, on average. Stop in when it's convenient for you – no appointment necessary! Choose from a wide variety of keys and key fobs for most vehicles. Key cutting and key fob programming services not available in New Jersey.

Key Fob Replacement Service Finder

Why Choose Batteries Plus Bulbs

Less Expensive than Dealers and Locksmiths

You won't get sticker shock with us. You can get your car key made or Buick key fob replaced for up to 50% cheaper than the dealership, on average. Whether your key fob is lost or broken, or you need an extra, save money and let us take it from here.

Local Experts

More than 700 locations nationwide means there's a Batteries Plus Bulbs with trusted experts right in your community. Replace and program your key fob, get a new fob battery, and quickly get your keys cut – right when and where you need it. Don't forget to bring your existing keys or remotes in order for us to make a copy.


Choose from a large selection of keys and key fobs for most cars and trucks. All new key fobs come with a 6-month warranty, and refurbished key fobs have a 3-month warranty. No matter what you select, you're always guaranteed high quality products and service that you can expect from Batteries Plus Bulbs.


Relax – there's no need to make an appointment. We'll cut your car keys, program your key fob, and more, all while you wait. It's a quick process and usually takes just 30 minutes.

Not sure what remote you have?

It's easy - just select the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Choose the remote/fob replacement that's specific to your vehicle with the same number of buttons yours currently has. For example, a four-button remote can only be replaced with a similar four-button remote. It won't work with a five-button remote.

We Fix It

Remote not working? Need an extra Buick key fob? Battery needs replacing? We're happy to help! We quickly cut and program almost all types of car keys, including transponder keys, smart keys, and laser cut keys. Get your car battery tested and installed too – no appointment needed. Visit your nearest store today.