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Services You'll Use

Tablet Diagnostics
Figuring Out the Problem

Our Trusted Advisors have the training and know-how to test and accurately diagnose problems. We believe in testing first and getting to the root of the problem, so you only pay to fix what's actually broken. After we complete the necessary repairs, we'll retest your tablet to make sure it’s working properly

Tablet Screen Repair
Let's Fix It

Cracked tablet screen? Our Batteries Plus Bulbs team of Trusted Advisors can fix it. Your broken screen will be removed and replaced with a spotless new one. If you need it, we can also fix broken buttons, charge ports, and cameras, too.

Tablet Battery Replacement
Power It Up

We have the right equipment to remove your spent tablet battery and replace it with a new, working one. Even tablets containing embedded batteries that are typically hard to replace don't stand a chance against our experts. One stop and your tablet will be working just like new.

Tablet Battery Recycling
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Once your tablet has a new battery, we'll need to dispose of the old one. Instead of producing more waste, your spent battery will be recycled to keep it out of a landfill. Each of our stores serves as a drop-off point for our recycling program, so you can easily dispose of old batteries (& bulbs, too!) safely.

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Tablet Repair FAQs