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Wondering how to fix an Samsung phone? If you're experiencing issues with your Samsung Galaxy cell phone, the We Fix It experts in Batteries Plus Bulbs stores can help! Check out our range of Samsung repair services on top brands and models to get your phone back in working order.

Services We Provide

Samsung Phone Repair

We provide a selection of Samsung Galaxy repair services, including battery replacement, screen repair and water damage capabilities on most Android devices. We offer comprehensive services on major flagship models like the Galaxy Note and S Series.

Android Screen Repair

Cracked screen or chipped glass? No problem! We can replace damaged screens on a variety of Android phone models so they look and feel as good as new.

Android Battery Replacement

Don't let a dead battery keep you from using your Android device. Our experts can restore performance with a quick and simple battery replacement.

Samsung Repair FAQs

Find Your Cell Phone

To learn more about how to fix Samsung phones, come see the pros at We Fix It in a Batteries Plus Bulbs store location near you.