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Google's line of Pixel Android phones offers top performance, technology and features. But, daily wear and tear and accidents can happen, resulting in devices needing repairs or parts replaced. If your Google Pixel device is giving you trouble, come see us at We Fix It inside Batteries Plus Bulbs stores. Our expert technicians can help identify the issues and provide Google Pixel repair services on multiple models so your phone works properly again.

Services We Provide

Google Pixel Phone Repair

Our comprehensive Google Pixel repair services include battery, screen and back glass replacement, as well as repairs to cameras, fingerprint sensors and devices with water damage.

Google Pixel Screen Repair

When your device has cracks or chips in the touchscreen or back glass, we can replace those parts to fix your Pixel phone.

Google Pixel Battery Replacement

If your Pixel battery is under performing or can't hold a charge, a simple battery replacement should quickly get your phone in working order again.

Google Pixel Phone Accessories

In addition to replacement batteries and repair services, we also carry a selection of Google phone accessories for many popular models to help your phone operate at its best. Explore our selection of chargers, cables, adapters, car mounts, screen protectors and more for your specific Pixel model.

For more information on repairs and prices for Pixel phone services, call or come by your Batteries Plus Bulbs store today.

Google Pixel Repair FAQs