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Golf Cart
Battery Buying Guide

How to Choose a Golf Cart Battery

1. Determine if Your Golf Cart is Gas or Electric

  • Gas will require one starting battery like a car.
  • Electric will usually require numerous batteries depending on overall voltage (36V or 48V).

2. Validate the Combined Voltage of Your Golf Cart Make/Model (Typically 36 or 48)

  • Lead acid batteries available in 6, 8 or 12 volts.
  • The average golf cart requires four to six batteries, sometimes 8.
  • Check owner’s manual if you do not know voltage. Or, calculate by counting the number of cells or caps on one of your current batteries (3, 4 or 6).
  • Multiply that number by 2 to determine your battery voltage. Then, multiply that by the number of batteries found in your cart to determine the voltage.

3. Determine the Desired Amperage Based on Use and Distance Between Charges.

  • The higher a battery’s amperage, the longer your battery will last on the course.

4. Validate Dimensions

  • Most golf cars take a standard sized GC2 group size, but some may have spacers or need a taller/unique footprint.

Understanding Amps & Voltage

Amps. Determines how far you can go on a single charge.

Voltage. Represents how much power your car will be delivered. The more voltage, the more you can carry and the faster you can accelerate. A higher voltage can come at a cost by burning through amps and draining the batteries quicker.

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