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Battery Buying Guide

What is an Alkaline Battery?

An alkaline battery is a disposable battery featuring manganese dioxide and zinc electrodes. Many types of electronic devices specify the use of alkaline batteries since they offer quick, high-current charging.

As compared to a non-alkaline battery, an alkaline battery delivers slightly more energy and longer shelf life. Simple yet sophisticated, this type of household battery contains a few main components.

Container. A standardized container constructed from steel holds the components of the battery together.

Cathode. This portion of the battery that causes electricity to flow.

Anode. A material made of powdered zinc is installed inside the container last.

Separator. This material separates the cathode from the anode and prevents a reaction from occurring unless the device is powered on.

Electrolyte. Plays a role in contacting the anode and helping the battery's ions and electrons flow.

Collector. This is the brass pin located in the center of the anode that collects currents and sends them to the negative terminal on the bottom of the battery.

Tips to Remember

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Store them in a cool, dry place.

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Remove them from your electronic devices when not in use for extended periods of time.

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Remove them from your electronic devices that are being powered by household AC current.

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Keep them separate from metal objects like paper clips or coins that could influence the battery's polarity.

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Don't use batteries of different brands or ages together.

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