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deep cycle RV Batteries

When it comes time for a weekend getaway or a vacation of any length, you need your camper or RV to be powered up and ready to go. Motorhomes require a special battery that is designed to draw slow amounts of continuous energy over a period of time. The experts at Batteries Plus Bulbs are here to help you choose the right deep cycle RV battery to provide power for your motorhome and all its accessories.

Before you choose a deep cycle RV battery for your camper or RV, take a moment to consider your options. Depending on your RV needs, it may be necessary to consider running more than one battery to fulfill your power requirements.

What Are Deep Cycle RV Batteries?

Deep cycle RV batteries are designed specifically to provide consistent, reliable power over a period of time to power various onboard electronics and electrical devices while the engine is off. For example, an RV deep cycle battery might be required to power cell phone chargers or reverse cycle air-conditioning systems while you're off-grid.

A starter battery is designed specifically to provide a short, intense burst of energy designed to start an engine only. It's not designed to provide continued power use.

In order to get the best results while you're camping, it's important to think about your power needs. Your starter battery will provide a short burst of power to ensure you can crank the engine when you need it, but a deep cycle RV battery is designed to provide ongoing power for other appliances and applications.

Do You Need Two Batteries in an RV?

The number of batteries you need to power your RV depends on a number of things. If you have a smaller camper or a motorhome and intend to plug into an external power source while you're camping, then it may be acceptable to use only a 12v deep cycle battery to help provide power for starting the engine and powering important items.

If you intend to remain off-grid for a period of time while you're camping, it may be necessary to consider using two separate batteries for specific purposes. A starter battery, or cranking battery, is used solely for starting the engine.

Your deep cycle RV battery is designed to provide continuous power to a range of different electrical or electronic items within your camper. If you're camping off-grid and need to operate the TV or cell phone chargers or other electrical items, your deep cycle lead-acid battery provides the charge you need when you need it most.

6-Volt vs 12-Volt Deep Cycle RV Batteries

A 6-volt RV deep cycle battery is often cheaper to purchase than a 12v battery. However, before you make a decision on which battery to buy, take some time to consider your usage needs first.

A 12-volt deep cycle RV battery is specifically designed to withstand deep discharge conditions and extended periods of use. If you're using your RV battery to power air conditioning or fridges or other electrical items, your deep cycle RV battery should be able to withstand being drained to approximately 20 percent of its power capacity before being recharged. Yet some RVs may require two 6-volt batteries to provide the power needed for certain functions while you're off-grid and away from other power sources.

The best way to ensure you won't run out of power while camping is to monitor your usage. A battery monitoring system lets you see how much current is being drawn, the battery voltage and the number of amp hours you're using.

When it comes time to replace or upgrade your deep cycle RV battery you don’t have to guess which one you will need. Just stop by your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store and we will provide you with the best options for your needs. While you are there, make sure you have power for all your battery-powered accessories such as lanterns and flashlights by shopping our AA and larger alkaline batteries.

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