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    Up to 20% Off Select Auto Batteries

    Extend your journeys and your savings. Get up to 20% off on select auto batteries and ensure your car is ready for any adventure.
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  • Introducing X2Power Portable Power Stations

    Packed with all the right features & 3 sizes to cover all your on-the-go power needs.

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  • Batteries Plus Has Your Phone Covered

    Batteries Plus delivers expert phone repairs and premium battery replacements for seamless device performance, catering to a wide range of phones including iPhone and Samsung models.

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  • Batteries Plus
    Knows Business

    With 35 years of expertise, Batteries Plus is your go-to for business power and lighting needs, offering comprehensive solutions.

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Power Like the Pros. Which battery runs the boats that win the championships? X2Power does.

Power Like the Pros. Which battery runs the boats that win the championships? X2Power does.

Champion anglers like Justin Hamner, Drew Gregory, and Jeff Gustafson push their X2Power batteries to the limit in their fishing boats and kayaks. If X2Power can help these guys capture Bassmaster tournament victories, just think what they can do for you.

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Did you know that franchised businesses enjoy some of the highest success rates? National name recognition is part of it, but the best franchises offer things like solid onboarding, continuous support, robust proprietary systems and a supply chain that's second to none, not to mention products that are essential to consumers and businesses alike.

That's Batteries Plus. Interested in being a part of it? Let's talk.

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Holding a container with AA and AAA batteries

Have old batteries or bulbs?

Help the Planet by Recycling

Batteries Plus is dedicated to helping the environment by offering a multitude of recycling services for our customers. Whether you have one old battery sitting in your garage or you own a business that has a pallet of batteries, we have a solution for you to make your lives easier while helping the planet.

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Hurricane blowing palm trees in front of 3 houses

What Should I Stock up on During Hurricane Season?

Are you prepared for a hurricane or other severe storm? Shop Batteries Plus for your emergency supply needs. We carry a wide range of generators, backup sump pumps, flashlights and alkaline batteries.

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A woman sitting in an orange chair with a laptop on her lap

What To Do If Your Laptop Battery Drains Too Fast

Laptops are used for everything from poking around the internet to doing our jobs. Learn what makes the battery drain so fast and how Batteries Plus can get you setup with a fresh new laptop battery so you can confidently work unplugged on the couch.

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People sitting in lawn chairs outside an RV

Starting, Deep Cycle & Dual Purpose: Breaking Down Your RV Battery Options

RVs require different types of batteries for different operations. Before you plan that summer road trip, be sure you know the differences between starting, deep cycle and dual purpose batteries, and which ones are best for your RV's power needs.

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collage of batteries, a light bulb, a key fob and old phone

Which Batteries are Recyclable?

Many old batteries that you may have lying around can't be thrown in the trash with your other garbage or thrown in with the household recycling. You must follow local laws and regulations as many batteries must be recycled or disposed of properly.

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Person setting up an X2Power solar panel to charge an X2Power power station

Portable Solar Generators: What Are They and Why Do You Need One?

Discover the power of X2Power and Goal Zero solar generators and power stations! Learn what solar generators are, how they work and why you should have one to provide backup power for your home and power for your adventures by reading our latest article.

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Two people riding in a golf cart

Comparing Gas v. Electric Golf Carts

Are you struggling to decide which type of golf cart is better to buy, gas or electric? Read through our handy comparison article that showcases the pros and cons of both types of golf carts and which is better for certain uses.

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