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Watch Battery Installation

Batteries Plus Bulbs is your source for watch batteries and installation services. We have replaced over 8 million watch batteries. Our team of trained associates has the knowledge, ability and tools to properly open your watch, test the existing battery, and install a new cell to get it working again.


Before installing a new watch battery, we want to make sure everything else on the watch is in working order. Something as simple as the stem being pulled out may be the source of a watch not keeping time. We want to make sure that a new battery will solve the problem.

Proper Tools

Each of our stores are equipped with the tools and knowledge to open, and properly close, fashion, chronograph, sports, quartz, and digital wrist watches. Whether you have a screw off back, pressure fit snap off back, hinged-back, or bezel style case, we can help.

Complete Selection

Having the right replacement battery will ensure longer life in your watch.

Lithium Coin Cells

  • High Rate CR Manganese Dioxide Cells
  • Low Rate BR Carbon Monofluoride Cells

Silver Oxide Cells

  • High Drain Cells
  • Low Drain Cells
Watch Battery selection


Watch batteries can be recycled. Batteries Plus Bulbs is an industry leader for the recycling of lithium coin and silver oxide button cells. Learn more about our recycling programs for consumers and businesses or ask an associate at your nearest store

Visit your local Batteries Plus Bulbs where a trained associate can install your watch battery.

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Important Safety Message: Silver oxide button and lithium coin cells can pose a significant threat to young children, primarily those age 6 and under. Read more here.