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We understand how damaged glass can affect the way your cell phone screen looks and feels on your fingertips. At Batteries Plus, our trusted advisors repair screens on phones by many of the industry's leading brands. Bring your cell phone into a store near you today so we can fix your phone screen!

Services We Provide

Phone Screen Repair

Does your cell phone screen have chipped glass or a damaged touchscreen display? Bring your phone to us for comprehensive screen repair service and replacement.

Cracked Screen Repair

Don't settle for a cracked screen. We'll inspect your device for damage, test functionality and replace your glass screen so it looks and feels as good as new.

Phone with new screen and Phone with cracked screen

Protecting Your Phone Screen

Once you get your screen replacement done, you'll want to keep the glass protected so it looks, feels and functions well. Consider adding a glass screen cover, which adheres directly onto your new phone screen for an extra layer of protection. These removable screen covers function just like your regular screen, responding to the touch of your fingertips and displaying colors and text clearly.

For another layer of safety, put a case on your phone. Phone cases provide a buffer that helps protect against damage from dropping your phone. You can even upgrade to a waterproof case to keep moisture out. Choose from a variety of design and color options to get the look you love and the protection you need.

Need screen repair services on other devices? We can help with laptop repair and tablet repair services at Batteries Plus.

Cell Phone Screen Repair FAQs

If your phone screen is broken, cracked or chipped, we can replace it with a new one in-store. Get cell phone screen repair service from the trained technicians at a Batteries Plus Bulbs store near you.

Our trusted advisors will fully inspect the device for frame and liquid damage and test all parts of the cell phone to make sure it's functioning properly before we start working on repairing the screen. Then, we'll remove the damaged screen and replace it with a new one.

Our cracked screen repair consists of replacing the full screen. If you've got cracks in your phone screen, we'll get you set up with a fresh new display so your phone looks like new.

If your phone doesn't respond when you touch the screen, the problem may be caused by improper connections, so we'd want to check the cables first. If the cables are torn or bent or the screen still won't work, we can fully replace the screen display.

While screen replacement prices usually start around $69.99 for Apple Devices, the full repair cost depends on multiple factors, including store location and phone brand and model. Bring your phone into a store near you for a cell phone repair service quote.