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When deciding on outdoor lighting  , it's important that your choice is as useful as it is beautiful. Batteries Plus Bulbs carries a large variety of outdoor patio lights, outdoor light bulbs and other outdoor lighting solutions to meet your needs while enhancing curb appeal.

Learn how to light a patio or any other outdoor space with the following guide.

Most Common Types of Outdoor Light Bulbs

Outdoor light bulbs come in an array of styles and offer a variety of features to perfectly suit your space. The most common types of bulbs rated for outdoor use include LED outdoor light bulbs. These energy-efficient bulbs require little to no maintenance and last up to 15 years. Many LED bulbs feature color control options that let you adjust the mood of your outdoor space. LED bulbs produce less heat and ultraviolet light, which could help to keep bugs at bay.

Damp-Rated vs. Wet-Rated Outdoor Light Bulbs and Fixtures

Most outdoor light bulbs and fixtures are made to operate efficiently in either damp or wet conditions. Here's the difference between damp-rated versus wet-rated outdoor light bulbs and fixtures:

  •   Damp-Rated: These outdoor bulbs and fixtures are designed for use in partially covered patios, pergolas or other areas that aren't directly exposed to moisture or rain.
  •   Wet-Rated: These outdoor bulbs and fixtures are designed for use in outdoor spaces that are frequently exposed to rain, prolonged moisture or wind.

Front Porch Lights and Outdoor Patio Lights

Classic front porch lights and outdoor patio lights add a welcoming touch to any home while creating a cohesive look. Design an attractive outdoor space by selecting complementary front porch lights and front door lights to instantly brighten your home. Then, add a glowing touch to your favorite outdoor spaces with the right outdoor fixtures. Install a pair of outdoor patio light pendants over your outdoor dining area in place of a chandelier, or cluster multiple types of outdoor patio lights together to create a unique and modern look in your outdoor seating area.

Landscape Lighting

Illuminate walkways and pathways with landscape lighting that highlights the attractive design elements of your yard while providing increased security around your perimeter. Accentuate architectural features while making guests feel more welcome with post lights, flush-mounted lights, outdoor wall lights or other landscape lighting options.

Security Lights

Typically installed on garages, walkways, alleys and other outdoor spaces that tend to be dimly lit or dark, security lights are often activated by motion sensors. These lights offer a practical solution for ensuring a more safe and secure property. Security light fixtures such as floodlights and path lights often emit a bright light that may ward off unwanted intruders.

No matter the size, layout or design of your favorite outdoor spaces, Batteries Plus Bulbs carries the best inventory of outdoor patio lights, front door lights and other outdoor lighting solutions. Upgrade the appeal and security of your home by browsing our selection of home outdoor lighting products now.

Outdoor Lighting FAQs