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Bring Up the Lights - Outdoor Décor & Lighting Tips for Spring

Lighting - by Mary Williams - updated on 4/10/2019

Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

Spring is here! And that means it's time to dust off your patio set and arrange your yard for outdoor entertaining and celebrations. For anyone planning to upgrade their outdoor space, we've provided a variety of tips to both highlight landscaping detail and enhance your patio, deck, balcony or porch.

Light the Way

Illuminating your driveway and walkways is not only a lovely landscaping feature that adds to your overall curb appeal, but it's good for safety, too. We recommend using softer lights rather than harsh or bright white light, as subtlety is key for creating a "moonlit" feel in your space. The bulbs you need to achieve your goals are available in LED options, which operate on little energy, keeping electricity costs at bay, or allowing the use of solar/battery power to operate.

PRO TIP: In addition to longer lifespans and energy savings, LEDs are more durable and vibration-resistant, making them the better option for outdoor use.

Bugs Be Gone

Springtime marks the beginning of warm-weather season in many parts of the country. But it also marks the arrival of bugs, like flies and mosquitoes… definitely NOT a welcome part of the season. And although light does tend to attract bugs at night, there are ways to keep the lights on while warding insects off. One option is the NEBO Z-Bug Lantern + Light, which serves as both a dimmable light and a bug zapper.

Another option is to switch to yellow-hued bulbs for all outdoor lighting. The warm color provides sufficient brightness for entertaining or relaxing without attracting bugs.

In The Spotlight

Spotlights can be used effectively to highlight focal points of your yard and add texture and character. We recommend LED spot and flood lights which are known for retaining light levels, conserving energy and ensuring that your home's landscape and architectural detail are lit to their best advantage. Try This: Duracell Ultra branded line of Outdoor rated LED Reflector Lamps.


Why not do the summertime holidays up big with some lighting effects? Replace outdoor bulbs with red or blue bulbs for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July or Labor Day. Your guests will appreciate the extra touches.

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Whatever your outdoor plans are this Spring, Batteries Plus Bulbs is ready to help light the way. Visit one of our convenient locations to see even more lighting options.

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