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Cyber Power UPS Batteries

Even brief CyberPower outages can lead to significant hardware damage or data loss. Keep your high-rate discharge Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) devices powered during short or long outages with a compatible CyberPower replacement battery from Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Benefits of CyberPower Replacement Batteries

CyberPower Uninterruptible Power Supply systems protect sensitive electronics ranging from home emergency lighting to office data center equipment during power surges and blackouts. A CyberPower battery replacement is designed to minimize downtime and provide extra battery backup when electrical power fails.

What are UPS batteries?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), or battery backup, is just that: A battery that provides backup power when the power fails, or when your system voltage drops below an acceptable level. A UPS powers up to allow a safe shutdown of your computer and any connected equipment. You’ll want yours to be at the ready at all times, just in case.

Shop for a CyberPower Battery Replacement

Batteries Plus Bulbs can help you find the best UPS battery for you because we carry an impressive selection of CyberPower batteries from top-rated brands like Duracell and Power Sonic. Discover a large inventory of common CyberPower battery replacement sizes to fit all your devices, including:

  • CyberPower 1500AVR batteries
  • CyberPower 1350AVR batteries
  • CyberPower 625VA replacement batteries

Use our convenient filters to search for the right CyberPower model online. Have questions about which CyberPower battery you need? Visit your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store and one of our knowledgeable associates will help you find the right CyberPower battery replacement for your device.

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