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Yamaha Motorcycle Battery

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Yamaha Motorcycle Battery Replacement

Batteries Plus makes it easy to find the best replacement battery for your Yamaha motorcycle. We carry a large selection of batteries for all Yamaha motorcycles including the R3, R6 and Viking. We carry some of the most well known motorcycle batteries on the market such as Duracell, Extreme and our own premium brand X2Power. 

From flooded batteries to absorbed glass mat (AGM) and X2Power lithium powersport batteries, you’ll find a battery for every power demand that your motorcycle has. Need new headlights for your bike? We have you covered there too with our extensive selection of motorcycle headlight bulbs.

Yamaha Motorcycle FAQs

An X2Power lithium battery is the best battery for a Yamaha motorcycle. A lithium battery will last longer than any other motorcycle battery on the market. Lithium batteries are also lighter, recharge faster and have a lower self-discharge rate than any other Yamaha replacement battery giving you that much needed weight loss to get a little more power out of your sportbike.

Absolutely, a 12V battery is standard in most motorcycles by Yamaha and other manufacturers. Just be sure that the battery you purchase is designed for motorcycles and is not an auto battery. Auto batteries provide much more power than motorcycle batteries and can potentially damage your motorcycle's electrical systems.

While the lead-acid battery has been around for more than a century and have plenty of time to be perfected, there are some clear advantages for motorcycles with lithium batteries over the tried and true lead-acid. X2Power lithium batteries have more power, more charge/discharge cycles, and are the lightest batteries you can buy. To learn more about X2Power lithium motorcycle batteries read our blog "X2Power is the Best Battery Brand for Your Powersport Needs  ".

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